'World Of Warcraft' Tokens Bring The Game Closer To Being Free-To-Play

David Stonecipher

Playing World of Warcraft for free or buying in-game gold for real money are usually thought of illicit actions against the terms of service. However, Horde and Alliance players will soon get to enjoy those amenities legally through World of Warcraft's official Token system as announced this week on the game's official website.

Like other games, World of Warcraft Tokens, or WoW Tokens, are essentially items that can be traded within the game for gold. A player buys the Token from the in-game shop for a price yet to be determined with real cash. Afterward, the player can post the Token on the auction house and await another player's purchase of the Token. The buyer of the Token as basically spent real money to get a little extra gold within in the game. Conversely, a player can pick up a Token with in-game gold to fund their subscription for another month without paying the normal $14.99 for 30 days.

As VentureBeat points out, this might be a great way to combat gold sellers. Currently, gold sellers are a slight hassle to gamers trying to play the game legitimately. Not to mention, those that partake in these services often lose more than they gain and contribute to credit card theft and botting. With World of Warcraft's new Token system, players can legally trade money for gold with Blizzard's backing in a safe environment while still supporting the game.

The cost of a WoW Token has not been set in stone yet. Other titles that feature a system like this often set the price of the tradable time as $20 versus the purchase of game subscription outright for $15. Moreover, Blizzard will set the price of the World of Warcraft Token when players place it on the auction house. The price will be based on supply and demand, but a player won't be able to generously post cheap World of Warcraft Tokens on the auction house. The Token seller, however, is guaranteed the Blizzard price of the Token when it sells.

A few other details on World of Warcraft Tokens include the fact that they do not expire, the auction house does not take a cut of the seller's price, and each region in which World of Warcraft Tokens will be available will be their own separate Token exchange.

Although these WoW Tokens aren't available yet, players recently received a new patch for the game. As the Inquisitr reported, World of Warcraft's 6.1 patch is out now and brings with it a new heirloom system. This puts all the heirlooms in their own tab letting all characters on an account pull out the selected heirloom whenever needed.

Would you ever consider spending real money on a subscription token in World of Warcraft in order to sell it to other players in exchange for in-game gold?

[Images via World of Warcraft]