‘Creepy’ Girlfriend Pillow: Inventor Takes It To Next Level With Anime Girl That Coos Sweet Nothings

If you’ve never Googled “girlfriend pillow” you might be surprised by all the results that come up when you do.

Of course, this reporter Googled “girlfriend pillow” strictly for journalistic purposes only (although the “Breast Friend” girlfriend pillow option does look potentially therapeutic for one lacking a significant other, but then again…).

Anyway, a Japanese inventor is taking the girlfriend pillow to a new whole level. While some might not want their girlfriend pillow talking back to them, Koichi Uchimura feels exactly the opposite. Uchimura is a girlfriend pillow veteran and has apparently been sleeping with his anime girlfriend pillow, called a dakimakura, for long enough that he believes it’s time she should talk back to him, reports the Vine.

Uchimura’s new talking girlfriend pillow, the Ita-Supo, features a lovely blonde anime girl with big blue eyes, named Rina Makuraba.

Depending on where one touches her (yes, there and there), Rina will reply with a different response. And if one is too rough, Rina will let them know that she is one girlfriend pillow that won’t put up with such treatment.

The Ita-Supo girlfriend pillow comes with two sensors, according to the Anime News Network. These sensors are strategically located beneath Rina Makuraba’s cartoon breasts and crotch area.

Rubbing the Rina Makuraba girlfriend pillow’s cartoon breasts will result in her giving positive responses such as “What if I start loving you even more than I already do?” But if one gets too rough, they may elicit a response from Rina such as, “Hey! That hurts!”

While some may find the talking girlfriend pillow creepy, untoward, or even perverted, Uchimura’s crowd-funding campaign to get talking Rina on the market has already raised over a million yen which equals about $8,600 U.S. dollars. The campaign’s goal was only half that, and with over 50 days left in the crowd-funding campaign, it looks like Rina Makuraba the talking girlfriend pillow is well on her way to market and may be the new companion of thousands of lonely men.

Options and dynamic variety abound with Rina the talking girlfriend pillow, the anime cartoon pillow girl coming already loaded with hundreds of speech patterns and endless future downloads in the making.

And while perhaps priceless for those lacking companionship, what is the price of this new girlfriend pillow?

The Rina girlfriend pillow will reportedly retail for about $167, and other pillowcases featuring Rina’s friends, Shion Kamitsuki and Shiho Natsuki, will also be available.

[Image via YouTube]