Yet Another Young Woman Busted For Doing Online Sex Show In Public Library

It appears that library video vixen Kendra Sunderland – who got into hot water after she was shown exposing herself in a public library for an online sex show – may have inspired a copycat performer. A young woman is now facing charges in Ontario for following in Sunderland's footsteps by showing off her naughty bits in a library and putting on a show for her followers online.

The 21-year-old woman has not been identified, according to a report from The Ottawa Sun[h/t: Gawker], but police confirmed that she had already turned herself in on Friday morning. The unidentified woman was released from police custody following a promise to appear in court.

Her offense: investigators say – and apparent video captures confirm – that she exposed herself and masturbated in front of a camera while in a public library. The woman put on the saucy show as part of her contract with a U.S.-based sex-show company. That company's lawyer, though, told the press that the woman was fired once the firm learned of her alleged "inappropriate activity."

A Sun report from earlier this week claimed that the woman had actually filmed multiple sex videos in two different Windsor public library branches. In one clip, the woman – who went by the screen name "lilsecrett" – reportedly had to cover herself quickly as a child library patron approached her. The appearance of non-consenting adults and children in the woman's nude videos was reportedly a major factor in her employer's decision to terminate her contract.

The company's rules for its nude models forbid men and minors appearing on camera for any reason and warn models away from "actions that may be deemed obscene in your community."

Reportedly, some witness gave police information about the identity of the woman on Thursday, and police set about trying to locate her. The 21-year-old has been charged with an indecent act for her public nudity display.

The unnamed nude model's arrest and disgrace mark the second time this year that this exact sort of incident has made headlines. While this latest young lady's name hasn't gone public, another nude model, Kendra Sunderland, made a splash on the scene earlier this year when she was arrested for filming adult videos inside an Oregon State University library. While Sunderland eventually faced some serious legal troubles, her instant notoriety brought a wave of admirers and even some offers to pay her legal fees.

[Lead image via Ottawa Sun]