Five Ways To Avoid First Dates From Going Horribly Wrong

When dating, first dates are your first and last chance at making a lasting impression. The cliche’ that those ‘impressions are everything’ is true. Sure, it also depends on the type of woman with which you’re going on a date. However, here are five ways to be prepared and don’t gamble any of them on your first date.

Don’t Let Your Debit Card Decline On First Dates

This would be one of the most embarrassing and emasculating times you would ever experience in life. If this would happen on your first date, you can pretty much chalk this one up to an “L,” because it would probably be the only date between you and that person. By grace, you may get a second chance.

However, as a tip — to avoid even the possibility — just have your money right, and don’t push your limits. If you’re sweating when it’s time to pay for something, you’ve already done too much. If you know you’ve only $40 in your account, why make your first-date location Olive Garden?

In such a case, it would probably be best to make the first time out somewhere that doesn’t cost much money, but is still impressive enough to get you a second date.

Pay Close Attention To Things Your Date Is Saying Or Doing, And Remember Them

On first dates, or any date for that matter, it’s important to show attention. No one really likes repeating him or herself too many times. Likewise, dates like to feel as if the people they’re with are actually taking an interest in them. Who wants to talk, only to be asked to repeat the same thing later on in the conversation? Listen to what the person says and does, commit it to memory quickly, and apply it accordingly.

Show Your Gentleman Side, Prove That Chivalry Isn’t Dead

This is one that depends on the person you’re with as well. However, as a first-date precaution, it’s good to implement it anyway. Surprisingly though, some women don’t like guys doing such gestures for them. It’s almost unfathomable, but it happens. This is another thing you need to pay attention to as well. First dates can turn into seconds and thirds if you show that you have a little class about yourself.

Do NOT Ask If You’re Going To “Hit,” In Any Circumstance

Talk about being “trigger-happy.” On a first date, this is one thing you don’t ask or even bring up in conversation. Some may be fine with it, but for most dates, it’s a sure-fire turn off. As a general “man-rule,” should you be hard-pressed to bring up such a topic, first wait until after your third date. Many times, it’s not even okay then. If you’re looking for something meaningful, it’s not something with which you should gamble.

Do NOT Think With Your Genitals (Man Or Woman)

This is not the same as the last precaution. It’s similar but has its differences. Unless you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that there is mutual, sexual chemistry in the mix, you should already conduct yourself as if you’re not getting any from your date. Just enjoy the day or evening for what it is and its merits.

Patience is the word of the day. If you want a “booty call,” there are plenty of people who are mutually looking for the same things. Surely, you could look up one of them if that’s all you want. However, for first dates — and trying to develop something meaningful — steer clear of thinking with genitals.

Don’t evaluate situations by “if you’ll hit or if you won’t.” The goal is to impress on the first date, not to oppress. So, unless you’re Don Juan, you may as well count it out and be the gentleman you were raised to be. And if you weren’t raised to be one, change. Look at YouTube videos on how to be one. It’s simple.

Now, if you have a mutual attraction and consent — not condoning it — however, that would be both of your calls. Actually, all of these would be your calls. These are just merely first date tips to help you reach date #2.

With this information, do you think you’d get to a second date? First dates can be nerve-wrecking. Just keep your composure and enjoy it. Dates lead to more things that are even more meaningful, right?

[Feature Image via Read Unwritten]