Kendrick Lamar Reveals Release Date For Next Album, But Is It Really Called ‘Untitled’?

Kendrick Lamar fans now have a specific date to look forward to where they can get their next music fix from one of the hottest rappers on the scene. In a Friday afternoon tweet, Lamar revealed that fans can expect the follow up to good kid, m.A.A.d city to drop before the month of March is done.

Lamar didn’t give much in the way of details on his next album, linking only to an iTunes Music Store page for the forthcoming album. That page itself doesn’t give too much away, either, and it may not even tell Lamar fans the title of the album. Currently, the album is listed as [Untitled]. That could well be the actual title of Kendrick’s next album, though it could also be a placeholder for a still unrevealed title.

The iTunes page for Lamar’s next album doesn’t have cover art for [Untitled], either. Instead, there’s simply a black box. Again, this could well be the actual album art, but it could also be a placeholder for forthcoming album art.

Fans of Kendrick did get a few truly important details on Lamar’s next album, though. First up, there’s the run-time. Lamar’s next album will clock in at 78 minutes and 51 seconds, making it his longest widely released project to date. For comparison, good kid, m.A.A.d city had a run-time of 68:16, while Section 80 had a time of 59:24.

The track listing for the new album also revealed that it will have 16 tracks, with the last track being the longest. Track 16 will apparently be a 12-minute epic, and it could well be the rumored “King Kunta” track that has seen lots of praise from people who’ve heard it.

Apparently missing from Kendrick’s next album will be the single “i,” for which Lamar won a Grammy this year. The track raised quite a few eyebrows among Kendrick’s fans and the wider hip-hop community, with some pondering whether the Compton rapper was going a bit more pop with his next effort.

Subsequent songs from the album, though, showcased the darker edge that Kendrick had promised for his next album, with last month’s “The Blacker the Berry” featuring an amped-up Lamar growling about social injustices and hypocrisy.

Kendrick’s next album was reportedly supposed to drop last year before the summer ended. The head of Lamar’s label promised fans early last year that they could expect a new album from Kendrick by September, but the new work failed to materialize.

[Lead image via YouTube.]