Parents Homeschool Kids In The Adventure Of A Lifetime

A couple decided to take their two daughters out of school for a year and homeschool them in the adventure of a lifetime.

The year-long experience took the family of four to 12 countries, and they traveled some 30,000 miles. But what they witnessed in this extra-long teaching vacation was more than many see in a lifetime.

Adele and Paul Davies, of Wales, saved for many years to be able to afford the incredible trip. They wanted to give their daughters, Lili Mai, 9, and Nel, 7, a unique experience unlike anything they could learn in the classroom.

Home schooled kids
Home schooled kids, The Grand Canyon (Image via Wales Online)

The parents’ intention was making the world a giant geography lesson where the girls could appreciate different cultures and learn first hand about other places in the world. To reach the multiple destinations, they took 36 airplanes, which took them to Canada, China, India, America, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Brittany, according to Wales Online.

While this was not what homeschooled kids traditionally do, it was just as valuable for Adele and Paul’s daughters. He is a deputy head teacher, she is an administrative assistant, so the learning aspect is front and center to this family.

Home Schooled kids in Laos (Image via Wales Online)

One of their goals in taking this incredible trip while homeschooling the girls, was to “taste the freedom of life without the restraints of health and safety.” Neither one of the kids had ever gotten on board an airplane prior to the trip, but Lili, who attends elementary school was thrilled.

“We enjoyed everything about our journey. Everything was new and exciting. Hearing new accents and languages was cool.

“Not going to school for a year was a new experience for Nel and I, but learning something new every day was easy when you got to.”

Home schooled kids
Home schooled kids in Vietman (Image via Wales Online)

After saving for nine years, the Davies departed on their journey in September of 2013, and returned almost a year later, in August, 2014. Adele says the memories they made on this trip will stay with them forever and they don’t regret homeschooling their girls.

“Our girls learned so much along the way. Every new country was a lesson in itself. Their numeracy skills were improved as they worked out exchange rates and new currency and their communication skills and confidence grew daily.

“Experiencing the world and all the variety it has to offer – the sounds and sights and smells – that education broadens the mind. It does more than reading about the world in a book ever could.”

Home schooled kids
Home schooled kids in Ayers Rock, Australia (Image via Wales Online)

With all the problems schools are facing, from bullying to violent attacks, many parents are choosing to homeschool their kids. The Davies family took a completely different approach opening their daughters imaginations to what the world has to offer, not only in landmarks, but culture-wise. You can watch a video of the family’s travels on Wales Online.

Do you think these parents did the right thing homeschooling their daughters while traveling the world?

[Image via Wales Online]