New Holi 2015 Images Break Snapchat Via Twitter?

Holi In London And India - Festival of Colors V

Holi 2015 seems to be the party of parties this year. Via Twitter and Snapchat, users flood timelines with Holi images and talk about how they’re missing out.

“Holi in India” is trending hard via Snapchat as well as Twitter. If you don’t know, Holi is an ancient Hindu spring festival — known as the Festival of Colors or Festival of Love. Think of Holi as a spring-Christmas or New Year.

Snapchat is known for capturing major worldwide events and sharing them with the rest of world. Well, since people generally love to party, Holi appears to have grabbed the attention of the technologically-social world. Scores of people are tweeting about their thoughts on the Hindi holiday. It’s almost as if they wish they were there and are pouting about missing out on the fun.

Holi In London And India - Festival of Colors

People thinking that America is the only place that parties buck wild are absurdly misinformed. Possibly, fellow tweeters are beginning to see this. Another worldwide party week is Ibiza, which is thrown in Spain.

While America is known for Spring Break, Holi has become the most talked about “party” in the last 24-hours, allowing all cultures to participate. With all the Holi songs and wishes in abundances, it’s fair to see that this holiday is one which its celebrators enjoy heavily.

Holi In London And India - Festival of Colors II
Holi In London And India - Festival of Colors III

Check out what tweeters have to say about it all.

Yet, at the same time — as can be expected — there are those who will hate on the celebration. It’s possibly because they see such a good time and aren’t able to attend it.

What do you think about the Holi 2015 celebration? Do you want to be there? Share your thoughts. Comment below and spark conversation.

[Feature Image via International Business Times]