Size 22 Model Tess Holliday: Why Concern Trolling This Woman Is Pointless

If the reaction to model Tess Holliday proves anything, it’s that people are never comfortable with a woman who is comfortable with herself.

Women are put under the weight microscope far more than men. An “obese” woman must always be ashamed and uncomfortable, whereas a man the same size has been told by Hollywood that he is ALWAYS entitled to a slim attractive woman. It was true from the Honeymooners through Family Guy, and remains the case today. When this double standard continues unacknowledged, it really drops my patience for “concern trolls” who are trying to get into Tess Holliday’s space in a Trojan Horse that says, “I’m concerned about your health.”

Are you? Are you REALLY concerned about Tess? Are you up at night because you’re afraid that she won’t live to see the morning? Let’s be honest with ourselves; people aren’t the slightest bit worried about Holliday. What scares them is the idea that women will look at her and stop spending billions of dollars to lose weight through programs that don’t work and thousands of hours trying to get closer to those fake, Photoshopped images we see in magazines.

There’s just no point in concern trolling Tess Holliday. NONE. Do you want to know why? Well, it’s a matter of simple observation.

First look at her life right now, at this very moment. Tess Holliday is a successful plus-sized model with a top modeling agency. Raise your hand if you always secretly dreamed of being a model. Can you keep your hand up because you got off your butt and made it happen? Could you continue to keep your hand raised because you were ever remotely successful and sought after? Clearly, in the face of so much “worry” and outrage, life continues to go well for Tess and her career aspirations.

Next, consider the fact that her name changed because she’s currently engaged. In other words, she’s in a relationship. I mean, that’s the reason so many women are told to stay on the scale, isn’t it? If you are a less than “conventionally attractive woman,” the entire world wants YOU to know that your worth as a woman is considerably lower. That no man could ever want you, or that there’s nothing else about you that a man could care about.

Tess with Nick

And yet Tess Holliday is coupled with a man who loves her and the mother of a son who loves her. She has a beautiful, wonderful family life. Although, I’m quite sure that Tess Holliday would still consider herself worthy even if she didn’t have these things.

Lastly, there’s the alleged concern about her weight. So many people are walking around thinking that all you need to be healthy is to be thin. The truth is that thinness doesn’t guarantee healthiness.

For instance, have you ever seen people go on about how someone looks “hot” when they’re smoking? Smoking is considered a major health risk. Just further proof that obesity concern trolling of women is often hypocritical and full of double standards.

Whether Tess Holliday has a right to be size 22, a right to be a popular model or if she needs to lose weight is simply none of your business. Because ultimately, no matter how hard you scream about it on the internet, this woman will continue to live the life she wants and be happy. Tess doesn’t need anyone’s approval but her own. So many women are walking around at a smaller clothing size than Holliday who have yet to realize this for themselves. Sadly, many never will.

Whether or not you could be happy at her size, in her body, etc. is none of her concern. Why should it be? Since when was Tess Holliday or any other person put on this Earth to be the “ideal woman” who you personally think she should be?

Let Tess Holliday continue to be herself and love herself for who she is. If she inspires women of all sizes to do just that, it can only be a good thing. Contrary to popular belief, a woman never finds her self-esteem on a scale in the bathroom. Instead, it’s something that she develops through knowing who she is and what she deserves — and not letting hateful individuals take it away from her.

[Image Credit: Tess Holiday Instagram]