Maci Bookout Talks Co-Parenting, ‘Teen Mom’ Star Gives Advice

Maci Bookout and her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Edwards, don’t appear to be co-parenting that well during the recently released Teen Mom OG trailer, but according to a new report, the pregnant reality star knows what it takes to be civil with her son’s father.

During an Ask Maci session on Facebook, Maci Bookout revealed her co-parenting advice to fans.

“I would just say to remember to be respectful. You need to keep the child first, and that you’re talking about the child’s needs, and make sure you’re not talking about each other’s needs. And just stay calm.”

In the Teen Mom OG trailer, as reported by the Inquisitr, Maci Bookout is seen pulling up to a drop-off area, where she is supposed to be meeting Edwards. Unfortunately, when she arrives, Edwards is nowhere to be found, and 40 minutes later, he’s still nowhere to be found.

Eventually, Edwards calls Maci Bookout, asking her if she’s “there yet.” In response, Bookout tells Edwards, who is casually sitting in his vehicle elsewhere, how long she’s been waiting. When Edwards claims Bookout didn’t tell her a time, she claims she told him “1:30,” and goes home with Bentley in tow.

“He’s always late,” Bentley says as they drive home.

While Maci Bookout remains calm, as she advised in her Ask Maci session, Edwards quickly becomes frustrated, calling her an “a–hole” after they hang up the phone, and then calling her back to tell her she’s a “dumba–.”

Despite their clear struggles in the trailer, the Ashley’s Reality Roundup recently claimed Edwards is happy for Maci Bookout and her boyfriend, who will welcome a child this July.

“He is very happy for her baby news and has been completely supportive! Taking some time off from filming constantly gave them [both a] needed relaxing break and helped them gain perspective.”

Maci Bookout and Edwards became engaged years ago after welcoming their son, Bentley, but broke up shortly thereafter. Years later, Bookout began dating McKinney, who lived in Dallas, Texas. Despite their relationship being long distance for the first year-and-a-half, Bookout and McKinney made it work. In the summer of last year, they moved in together. Five months later, Bookout went public with her pregnancy.

Although Bookout and McKinney are not yet engaged, the reality star recently claimed she was hoping for a late 2015 proposal.

For more Maci Bookout, tune into Teen Mom OG, when the series premieres on Monday, March 23 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

[Photo via Twitter]