WWE News: WWE NXT Trainer Bill DeMott Quits As WWE Trainer Amid Abuse Allegations

Earlier this week, WWE NXT trainer Bill DeMott was accused of abuse during his training of WWE developmental superstars. The original report showed up on Reddit, where the Reddit moderators verified the story. This wasn’t DeMott’s first accusation of abuse from a developmental wrestler. For example, within the last 24 hours, another bullying story from DeMott surfaced.

After the initial report, nothing was denied on WWE’s end. That led to speculation within the WWE Universe that it may be true. Just when everyone thought it was going away, Bill DeMott dropped a bombshell on Twitter. According to DeMott himself, he is stepping down as a WWE NXT trainer.

Here is his statement.

“I deny the recent allegations made about me, however, to avoid any embarrassment or damage to the WWE, I’ve decided to step down from my role effective immediately.”

Despite what his personal beliefs of the story are, DeMott and the WWE did the professional thing. Whether it was all DeMott’s decision or not, they chose the classiest way to go about this allegation. As for the original report that came out on Monday, here’s an excerpt from the story.

“One such instance that has been mentioned by Judas Devlin (Austin Matelson) is the complaint of harassment against Matt Wichlinkski, the current Strength and Conditioning coach. I have attached screencaps of one such photo that he posted alongside his WWE contract. When he was caught filming/taking photos of talent’s backsides, it was brought to their attention. Some of the male talent attempted to stick up for the developmental divas and help catch him in the act (again, the fear instilled into us made it very hard to say anything), but when it was presented to Bill it was made very clear that he was not going anywhere, and any further complaints would result in dismissal because there a million girls ready to step in and take our place. In all instances of complaining about sexual harassment (including those outside of this incident), women have been forced out of the company. After one of the talents’ dismissal, when we couldn’t figure out where she went, we were told ‘if you go over my head, ask HER how well that works.'”

WWE NXT trainer Bill DeMott was in hot water after the first story came out on Monday. It’s very hard to get away with something like that. Now, WWE never came out and confirmed the story. They haven’t denied it either, so take that as you wish.

In an earlier report on the Inquisitr, WWE superstars past and present spoke out in favor of DeMott. Doc, formerly known as Luke Gallows in WWE, said he was a great trainer and teacher. Chris Jericho, WWE legend, also backed up DeMott, by saying that if you cannot take it, then quit. Regardless of their opinions, DeMott is no longer a WWE NXT trainer. This story certainly isn’t over, so check back for updates on DeMott’s decision to step down from WWE.

[Image via gerweck.net]