Elena Lobacheva: Russia’s ‘Bride Of Chucky’ Serial Killer Caught, Says Killing Gave Sexual Pleasure

After a gruesome, murderous crime spree that included the deaths of at least 12 people, Elena Lobacheva, known as “the Bride of Chucky” in Russia, has been caught, along with her partner, Paul Voitov.

Lobacheva is known as the Bride of Chucky because she allegedly told police that she had been inspired by the 1998 film that features a doll possessed by a serial killer.

According to the Russian news agency Life News, “This movie (‘Bride of Chucky’), released over 15 years ago, became a sort of instruction for Elena. Lobacheva even has a tattoo on her shoulder — her favorite doll was always with her.”

Lobacheva and Voitov had another nickname, as well — and a chilling one, at that. Because they targeted so-called “vagrants and homeless” people in what they claim was an effort to “clean up Moscow,” the two were dubbed “the Cleaners,” as well. Killing homeless vagrants is no excuse for murder, and in at least one of their crimes, they were mistaken about the victim being homeless.

The victim’s father Alexander Yevseyev, 60, described his son’s murder.

“My son Sergei was neither homeless nor alcoholic. He worked in a bank and had met with a friend in a local park for a chat and a drink. After leaving he was walking home when they attacked him, stabbing him over 107 times.”

The couple had indeed stabbed the man over 100 times. In fact, the vicious and repetitive stabbing of their victims quickly became a hallmark of their murders. And the reason why is disturbing — Lobacheva stabbed people to death for the thrill of it. More specifically, Lobacheva stabbed people to death for the sexual thrill.

The Bride of Chucky reportedly told Moscow police that “randomly stabbing the body of a dying human brought her pleasure compared to sexual pleasure.”

Police also found that her home computer had a file of a “step-by-step instruction to killing people.” She also allegedly kept photos of her victims on the computer.

All the photos showed the victims with their stomachs eviscerated and other body parts cut off.

The Bride of Chucky lived in an apartment building, where neighbors described her as “polite and nice.” According to reports, though, the apartment of Lobacheva, which she shared with her pet rabbit, was filthy and filled with awful smells.

Her mother, Olga Lobacheva, is adamant that her daughter did not commit the murders.

“She can’t, she’s messy but she is a good person. She’s supportive. She didn’t kill. There is no anger in her eyes,” she said of her daughter.

Lobacheva and her partner began their murderous spree in July of 2014 and were caught after attempting to kill a street cleaner. The man managed to escape, and the pair had apparently been caught on film during that attack.

If convicted, the two will face life in prison.

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