Mother And Lover Jailed For ‘Sadistic’ Killing Of 8-Year-Old Ayesha Ali

A mother and her lover are in jail after a judge sent them away for the brutal murder of 8-year-old Ayesha Ali, an attack that left the girl with more than 50 injures, including bite marks.

The murder took place in August 2013 in London, but just this week, a judge jailed mother Polly Chowdhury and her lover, Kiki Muddar, for more than a decade behind bars each. The 35-year-old Chowdhury was handed a sentence of 13 years in prison for manslaughter, while her 43-year-old lover was sentenced to 18 years.

The trial painted a twisted picture of a couple obsessed with an online world of their own creation. Muddar was accused of constructing a “fantasy” world of online characters who convinced Ayesha’s mother that the little girl was “evil.” One of those characters, known as Skyman, told Chowdhury that she had to get rid of Ayesha’s “bad blood.”

This led to a pattern of abuse that included beatings with wooden spoons, endless chores, and withheld food. The abuse was also psychological, as the mother and her lover also terrorized the girl, the Independent noted.

“Days before the killing, the couple, who were both horror film fans, terrorised Ayesha in the night by taking it in turns to wear a scary mask.

A neighbour heard the little girl screaming, sobbing and then pleading with her mother: ‘Amah, I don’t want to be bad, Amah, Amah, I don’t want to be bad.'”

The trial also showed Ayesha Ali as a girl desperate to escape the punishment. In journal entries, she wrote how hard she was trying to be “good” and not do any more bad things, which included not finishing her jam sandwich or putting her shoes in the wrong place.

“I’m letting my family and Kiki down,” Ayesha wrote. “If I be rude then nobody will like me… I don’t like hurting other people’s feelings!”

It all ended on August 28, when Ayesha was killer. Muddar notified police the next day in a phone call, also telling them that Chowdhury was suicidal. When police arrived, they found the girl “cold and stiff,” and Muddar reportedly displayed little emotion, saying only that Ayesha was a “naughty child.”

During the trial, defense lawyers tried to claim that Muddar took advantage of an “excessively gullible” Chowdhury and brainwashed her into killing her daughter.

The mother and her lover were jailed after Ayesha’s father spoke out to the court, asking for a strict sentence and telling the court that “our world crumbled right in front of us” when the girl died.

[Image via Independent]