Ben Moynihan Jailed 21 Years: 3 Women Stabbed By Frustrated 18-Year-Old Virgin

Ben Moynihan has been jailed for 21 years after he stabbed three women due to his sexual frustrations. According to Mail Online, the 18-year-old was upset because he couldn’t lose his virginity, so he took his aggression out on three women. The Portsmouth, Hampshire, teen was found guilty of attempted murder on Friday. He stabbed a 20-year-old, a 45-year-old, and a 67-year-old using a kitchen knife.

“The offenses were planned and premeditated. The contents of your computers were as chilling as they were disturbing,” said Judge Justice Jay.

Ben Moynihan will be jailed for 21 years as a result of his actions. His capture came after he wrote two letters to police, encouraging them to come find him. His first letter was rather cryptic and included quite a disturbing message.

“When women won’t talk to you it’s heartbreaking, why are they fussy with men nowadays. I roam these streets, hungry for blood and pain, I be greeted with attack, attack, attack, attack, dead, jolly good!”

The second letter that Moynihan wrote to police included a photo of himself, which is ultimately how police found him — he was recognized. The second letter also contained disturbing words, showing that the teen likely didn’t have any plans to stop stabbing innocent women. And it’s something that he actually told police — that there would have been a fourth had he not been arrested.

“All women needs to die, and hopefully next time I can gauge their eyeballs out. Every time I stab someone, I like to run home, and smell the flesh I ripped out.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the three women all survived after being stabbed by Moynihan, but their lives have changed forever.

“My life was completely turned upside down, I did not ask for this change, it was forced upon me by my attacker,” the 67-year-old victim said in court.

Ben Moynihan will be jailed for 21 years, starting the first part of his sentence off at a juvenile center. According to the Canada Journal, the judge said that Ben suffers from an autism disorder, but did not specify the condition further, just that he was on the spectrum. He did say that the teen’s “gross lack of empathy” was directly related to this condition, however.

It is unknown how the teen’s parents feel about this, or if they had any idea about their son’s behavior prior to this arrest.

[Photo courtesy of the Canada Journal]