Does ‘Dig’ Hit On Actual Truths From The Bible?

USA’s new series, Dig, is digging up some stories from the Bible, but is it all true?

The series, which premiered on Thursday, March 5, infuses stories from the Bible with a storyline that includes conspiracies and mystery. Dig delves into such Bible stories as found in the Book of Revelation and the second coming of Christ.

The new series’ star, Jason Isaacs, who is best known for his role in the Harry Potter series as the elder Malfoy, has said that the show and its connection to well-known Bible stories is “based on reality and true,” according to Religion News.

Religion News refers to Dig as having a “cocktail of biblical prophecy and contemporary conspiracy” that “looks to have a twist of the supernatural that will, as one character predict, ‘threaten everything we believe in.'”

So what in Dig is actually connected to the Bible?

According to Time, “There are prophecies and Old Testament quotes and cultists and ancient sacred jewels… but all the scripture and trinkets add up to a lifeless series that’s more puzzle than narrative.”

The series opens with an archeological dig looking for the famed Ark of the Covenant as seen in the Old Testament of the Bible. They search for the Ark, supposedly containing the original stone tablets engraved with the Ten Commandment, under a historic city in the Middle East.

The group searches for the Ark underneath the Temple Mount in a series of tunnels. The Temple Mount has long been considered a holy place for Jews and Christians alike, and it has long been rumored that this is where the Ark has been buried since it was lost so many years ago. But if Dig really is based on truths found in the Bible, why haven’t they found the Ark yet? And what about all the other Bible stories?

To fans who watched the first episode, it doesn’t really matter how close it is to the Bible.

While the stars may say that it’s all “true,” and fans seem to be enjoying it, Dig doesn’t seem to be unearthing anything we don’t already know from the Bible.

[Photo Courtesy of Forbes]