‘Bachelor’ 2015 Spoilers: Chris Soules’ Mom Has Tough Discussion With Becca Tilley In Finale

The big finale of ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season airs on Monday, March 9, and Chris Soules faces a difficult choice between Whitney Bischoff and Becca Tilley. Which lady will he choose? Could he end up remaining on his own? A new Bachelor spoiler preview is available that shows there are some difficult discussions ahead.

As is typical for the finale, both of Soules’ final ladies will meet his family. This season, however, everybody is in Chris’ hometown of Arlington, Iowa, for these final encounters. This will be Whitney’s first opportunity to see his small hometown, and both ladies will get a final chance to see if they can really picture living there.

The show’s Facebook page teases a moment between Becca Tilley and Chris Soules’ mom. Viewers have watched as Becca worked on opening up, having admitted that she’s never been in love before. She’s grown close to Chris, but she’s definitely still behind in the sense that Whitney Bischoff has told Chris she’s all-in with their relationship.

ABC teases Bachelor spoilers that Whitney’s meeting with Chris’ family will come first in the March 9 finale, and it goes very well. The family will wonder if Becca can top the great first impression Bischoff made. Chris’ mom says that both ladies turn out to be really wonderful and she knows her son has a really tough decision ahead.

Chris’ mom will ask Becca about the logistics issue. She lives in California, and the Soules family wants her to seriously consider whether she’s willing to turn her life upside down and commit to living in Iowa. Becca admits that she’s not in love yet, though she is crazy about Chris. Mrs. Soules is pushing pretty hard for some further answers, and naturally that’s where the Bachelor spoiler preview ends.

Reality Steve’s spoilers have indicated for months now that ultimately Chris Soules’ final rose goes to Whitney over Becca. Further Bachelor spoilers have detailed that though Chris fell for both ladies, ultimately he realized one was quite hesitant and the other was ready to commit, so he went with the lady ready to commit. Those certainly seem to reinforce the spoilers already floating around.

How big an impact will Chris’ family have on his final decision? Is Chris Soules engaged to Whitney Bischoff and are they still happy? Fans will see it all play out on Monday, March 9 with the three-hour finale and “After the Final Rose” special for ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season.

[Photo via Craig Sjodin/ABC]