Sales Of Platinum Blonde Hair Color Skyrocket Even Though It’s Not An Easy Look To Achieve

Ever since Kim Kardashian and Jared Leto debuted platinum blonde hair at Paris Fashion Week Thursday, everybody’s been wondering how to get the look. Some people have already been buying the hair color off of store shelves. Even salons have received a spike in requests for the nearly white hair color. Achieving the look of platinum blonde hair isn’t easy, as it can dry and damage your hair if not done properly.

Lorri Goddard is the colorist behind Kim Kardashian’s blonde locks. She was introduced to the 34-year-old reality star by hair stylist Gregory Russell. “We tossed around ideas of hues and applications and all decided on the end result,” he said in an interview with The Huffington Post.

Goddard said it took several hours to get Kim’s hair to the right shade of platinum blonde. Russell worked on trimming her hair to “keep it fresh” while Goddard colored her hair. Goddard admitted that even professionals have a hard time with the coloring process.

It is extremely difficult to take dark hair to platinum as it shifts the condition of the hair but hair can be kept strong if the proper conditions are taken. Always start with a strand test to establish if hair is strong enough to take the platinum journey and begin the hair process away from the scalp working with ends first as the scalp exudes heat, which quickens the process.”

Goddard also had a tip for anyone who’s thinking of going platinum blonde: “Make sure the hair is freshly cut and preferably uncolored for three to six months as that will yield the best results.”

Achieving Kardashian or Leto’s look can require a double process, according to The New York Post. It “involves bleaching the hair twice, takes four to 10 hours to complete, and costs between $300 and $500.” Touch-ups are also required every three to four weeks, along with several conditioning treatments and oils to help treat the severely processed and damaged hair.

Rachel Bodt, senior colorist from Cutler Salons in NYC, says that double processing can be expensive and intensive. She often talks her customers out of it to save them both time and money. Bodt also advises against a DIY platinum dye job.

“You can have your hair fall out, your scalp break out into blisters, all sorts of really horrible things. In the end, it can cost you quadruple the amount you thought you were going to spend — along with tears and even some therapy.”

Kim Kardashian and Jared Leto aren’t the only celebrities experimenting with platinum blonde hair. Empire star Raven Symone recently showed off her new edgy slicked back hairstyle on Instagram. She captioned the photo: “@a_nicholle just gave me another piece that made my inner blond pop out! Amazing! #unicorn #90’sRealness #thecraft.”


Symone says the inspiration behind her look is the 90s teen flick The Craft, although some fans will think that Kardashian and Leto helped inspire her new look.

What are your thoughts on the platinum blonde hair craze? Are you “dyeing” to join the bandwagon?

[Image: Vanity Fair via Twitter]