New UFO Filmed Outside International Space Station Before Slowly Fading Away

A popular UFO blogger has asserted that new footage of a brightly lit object outside of the International Space Station depicts a UFO of indeterminate size, which he believes could be even larger than observers first assumed.

Video of the strange UFO was posted to YouTube by Streetcap1, a prolific user long noted for identifying unusual objects in NASA’s video feeds. UFO watcher Scott Waring shared the video on his UFO Sightings Daily blog on Wednesday, alleging that it was filmed earlier in the week. Waring also noted that the UFO was located at an indeterminate distance from the space station, vanishing as the reflected light that illuminated it slowly faded.

“Streetcap1 of Youtube caught this UFO. The light reflection off of its surface is indication that this is a solid craft that we are looking at. As the suns light diminishes, so does the light reflecting off of this UFO. If I had to make a guess at its distance, I would say 75-150 meters away. If I’m wrong, then its bigger than any of us could imagine.”

Claims of UFOs in the vicinity of the International Space Station are nothing new, as UFO watchers have long been finding them in multiple video feeds and images beamed back from the outpost. Earlier this week, the fifth such incident to occur since October took place, when a white UFO, accompanied by a mysterious red flash, was filmed outside the station. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Streetcap1 posted video of that incident to YouTube as well.

As the Huffington Post noted in January, NASA has been archiving and broadcasting live, high definition video of the Earth filmed from the space station since early in 2014. UFO watchers were quick to discover unidentified objects in the footage, and their reports have taken on a life of their own online. In several instances, UFO observers have accused NASA of cutting off live video feeds when UFOs appear, although in at least one case, the object in question was later identified as the moon.

The Huffington Post article also points out that a variety of explanations for the UFOs exists, noting that spacecraft-related debris has persisted in Earth’s vicinity ever since the earliest manned spaceflights. They further assert that asteroids, reflections, and even the moon could all explain the strange rash of UFO sightings taking place outside of the International Space Station.

[Image: YouTube/ Streetcap1 via Twitter]