Harrison Ford Saved Lives In Plane Crash: Internet Freaks Out, Chewbacca Tweets

Harrison Ford being involved in a plane crash onto a golf course has taken over the Internet in the past 24 hours, and everyone is truly grateful that he ended up being alright. There’s a lot more to the situation though and not everyone realizes that he actually ended up saving lives by crashing onto that golf course, and Chewbacca appreciates it.

TMZ was one of the first to report that Harrison Ford, 72, had indeed crash-landed his World War II vintage plane onto a golf course Thursday evening in California. His injuries were reported to be moderate, but it could have been much worse.

The Guardian reported that Eddie Aguglia was playing a round of golf when Ford brought the plane down due to reported engine failure. Aguglia believes that Harrison Ford did all he could to endanger no-one else.

“Looking at where he crashed and how the plane went down, I’m sure there was a moment where he said, ‘I’m not going to risk lives, whatever happens, happens. It’s going to be just me.'”

Ford ended up with lacerations on his face and some possible fractures, and it’s actually amazing that he is alive at all. Still, Aguglia thinks that Ford did everything in his power to keep others safe.

“He risked life and limb by putting it down on the golf course instead of trying to go further to try to get back to the airport. Another 25 to 30 yards and … I don’t want to think about it. He saved several lives.”

Once word got out of Harrison Ford’s plane crash, many people on social media started freaking out. With the recent loss of Leonard Nimoy aka Mr. Spock, the world could not deal with the possible loss Ford aka Han Solo.

His Star Wars co-stars spoke out on the crash, and one of them happened to be Chewbacca himself, Peter Mayhew.

Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker, also jumped on Twitter to offer his well wishes to Harrison Ford.

Of course, once it was revealed that Ford would be alright and wasn’t seriously injured, the Internet began having some fun with the whole situation.

Harrison Ford plane crash facebook

After that, the Internet memes and other such fun images began to pop up online. With it being Harrison Ford crashing a plane onto a golf course, some wondered if Han Solo would have made the same sacrifice.

Harrison Ford Plane Crash Chewbacca

Harrison Ford’s plane crash is one that was rather frightening at first, and it’s mostly because a lot of people were hoping he would be alright. They also didn’t know what they would do if one of their favorite actors would be no more. Well, now, they’ve been able to relax a little and have some fun with the whole situation, and if Chewbacca says it’s alright, then it’s alright.

[Images via MovieWeb/Twitter]