Kornegay Sisters: Florida Teen Given Probation For Killing Brother Who Raped Her

A Kornegay sister, 15, from Florida, was not charged with the murder of her sleeping brother. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Kornegay sisters escaped their home where incest, imprisonment, and rape were allegedly commonplace.

The Florida girl arrested after the January 5 shooting was sentenced to four years of both counseling and probation. The younger Kornegay sister, 11, was also arrested on second-degree murder charges but will not face prosecution.

The older Florida sister and her brother were caught having sex by their mother in 2011. She had allegedly been raped by her uncle as well. The uncle was arrested on child molestation charges, after his wife found a USB drive with videos of him and his young niece engaged in a sex act. The sexual abuse had reportedly been going on for a long time.

The 15-year-old Kornegay sister’s probation will not end until her 19th birthday. She must testify “truthfully” against her parents and engage in counseling as a part of the plea deal. The parents face multiple counts of felony child abuse charges.

“This child has the best chance at a normal adult life by receiving the therapy and education she needs and residing in the setting of her current foster home,” Third Circuit State Attorney Jeff Siegmeister said. “This case is a tragedy to all those involved: the deceased, the two arrested children, as well as their 3-year-old sister who has been separated from them both. Further incarceration serves no deterrent, rehabilitative nor other societal interest.”

The 15-year-old Florida girl shot her 16-year-old brother while their parents were away on a tractor-trailer haul. The dad was employed as a truck driver and the mom often reportedly tagged along on the excursions, leaving the 16-year-old brother in charge of the sister who shot and killed him, an 11-year-old sister, and a 3-year-old sister.

The fatal shooting occurred on the Monday before the parents were slated to return the following day from the tractor-trailer haul. The mother of the Kornegay sisters told Florida police officers that the teen was “often” locked in her room when she “misbehaved.” The longest the Florida teen was locked in her room was 20 consecutive days, according to the father’s police statement. A police search of the girl’s room found only one blanket and the toilet bucket. The parents said that she had most recently been locked in her room with the two items because she was “talking back” and stealing.

The 15-year-old girl was reportedly locked in her room by the brother. The 15-year-old girl was able to talk their younger sister into letting her out of the room. The Florida teen knew that their parents kept a gun in their room, but also knew that their door was always kept locked. After using a knife to remove an air conditioner from her parents’ bedroom, she climbed through the window while the 11-year-old sister kept watch.

The 15-year-old girl who killed her 16-year-old sleeping brother had attempted suicide in the past, but neither emergency services nor police were notified about the incidents, Florida police said.

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