Mom Lives In Garage: Mom Pays $1,000 Rent, Lives With 18-Month-Old Daughter In Silicon Valley Garage

A mom lives in a garage in Silicon Valley with her 18-month-old daughter because it’s all that she can afford to live in the area. According to the New York Daily News, Nicole Jones pays $1,000 a month to rent out a garage which she calls home. She was forced to downsize after losing her job, but she doesn’t make enough money at her new job to afford an apartment of her own.

“I didn’t know much about homelessness before. Honestly, I thought homeless people were panhandlers or people on the street that were hungry and cold and drug addicts and alcoholics who didn’t want to do anything for themselves.”

The mom who lives in the garage with her daughter says that she feels “lucky” to not be out on the streets. According to PopSugar, the 250-square-foot space barely fits her belongings, but she makes it work just to have a roof over her and her child’s head.

“Jones cooks in a microwave or toaster, and she sleeps on a pull-out couch; her daughter has a small, portable bassinet.”

It is unknown if her child’s father is in the picture, but if so, he doesn’t live in the garage with them. An interesting twist to this story is the fact that Jones is actually pregnant with her second child. That means she’s going to raise a newborn and a toddler — on her own — in the garage of someone’s house.

And while everyone is debating whether or not this woman should have gotten pregnant again (perhaps it wasn’t on purpose), others seems to be wondering why this woman stays in such a pricey area. The average two-bedroom apartment in San Mateo will run you over $3,000 — so why would Jones choose to stay in such an affluent area? Evidently she doesn’t think of it like that.

“What you see is what you get,” she said during her interview with CNN.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Nicole Jones is excited about having another baby, but she says that she is nervous too. She also said that she’s sad about welcoming another child — likely because of her living situation.

[Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]