Katie Yeager Gives Little Support To Jenelle Evans, Believes She Cries Vicim

Katie Yeager is no longer filming Teen Mom 3, but she does follow the news and knows what is happening with Jenelle Evans. As many others have seen, Katie has picked up on the fact that Jenelle is very good at making every situation seem as if she is indeed the victim. And after accusations of domestic violence yesterday, Yeager believes that Evans is not as innocent as she wants everyone to think.

Yesterday, a story surfaced that Nathan Griffith had been violent with Jenelle, pinning her against a toilet and removing her engagement ring from her finger. This supposedly happened after he failed to show up for couples therapy just the day before. But for Katie Yeager, it all seems a little off.

According to a new Us Weekly report, Katie Yeager shared her thoughts on social media yesterday. Katie didn’t tag Evans in the tweet, but it is no secret that these two don’t get along. But Yeager isn’t the only one who is questioning Jenelle’s story, as fans of Teen Mom are not eager to support Jenelle.

“It’s girls who play the victim that make us actual victims look like crazy liars,” Katie Yeager tweeted yesterday after the story was released, comparing her own situation to that of Evans.

Of course, Yeager was dating Joey Maes while filming Teen Mom 3, but it wasn’t until after filming wrapped that things got intense in the home. There were allegations that he had abused Yeager, but she never addressed the allegations in the media. In fact, Katie has chosen to never publicly bash Joey, as he is still the father of her child.

“Being civil with someone who completely destroyed you as a person is a constant battle,” Katie Yeager revealed on Twitter just a few months ago, according to the Inquisitr, heavily hinting that the domestic abuse is still haunting her.

As for Evans, it sounds like she won’t be getting a call from Katie Yeager. It is crazy that Jenelle’s story is getting so much attention in the press, given this isn’t the first time she has called herself a victim. A few years ago, she claimed that Gary Head had choked her with a bedding sheet and beaten her up.

Katie Yeager ended her relationship after being the victim of abuse. It will be interesting to see if this Teen Mom star will do the same, even though she claims that Nathan is the best thing that has happened to her.

What do you think of Katie Yeager’s comments?

[Image via MTV]