When A Convicted Sex Offender Tried To Abduct A 12-Year-Old Girl, Her Heroic Brother Intervened

A 10-year-old boy in Ireland is being hailed as a hero after stopping a convicted sexual predator from abducting his 12-year-old sister, The Irish Times is reporting.

At about 11:00 A.M. local time Wednesday, the unnamed kids, who had the day off from school, were waiting at a bus stop in the town of Cullahill when a man pulled up in a vehicle (there are conflicting reports, as of this post, as to what kind of vehicle it was) and asked the kids for directions to the local priest's house. He then grabbed the girl and pulled her into the vehicle.

The quick-thinking, heroic 10-year-old jumped into the vehicle and began yelling out the window and punching the suspect in the head (other reports say he clung to the side of the moving vehicle) until the girl was able to escape. Both kids were unharmed.

The Gardaí (Ireland's national police, roughly similar to the FBI) launched a manhunt and eventually arrested an unnamed man, said to be in his 30's by The Irish Mirror, and took him in for questioning.

The man, who at the time of the attempted abduction was out on bail for a robbery charge, was a convicted sex offender. However, he was not on Ireland's convicted sex offender registry because his offense took place before sex offenders were required to register.

The parents of the two victims, who had just moved back to Ireland from the U.S. two years ago, were too shocked to talk to the media. Townsfolk, however, are praising the brave boy for his actions. One neighbor, who declined to be identified, said the experience has been traumatizing for the family.

"It will take a hell of a long time for that girl to get over what she went through. It's a good thing her brother was with her and thought to try and get her out of the jeep."
This is not the first time a sibling has saved a loved one from an attempted abduction. In July 2012, according to this Inquisitr report, a two-year-old's screams caused a would-be abductor to release his victim and run away from the scene, in an incident caught on video.

Once the dust settles, according to The Journal, the Gardaí would like to honor the brother with every award they can think of for his heroic actions in saving his sister.

"The Gardaí down there are very very vociferous on this kid, they're going to recommend this boy for every bravery award they can find including the people of the year awards because this truly was an act of selfless heroism."
Kids Health reminds kids, and parents, that one key to preventing child abduction is to remember that adults only ask other adults for help.

[Image courtesy of: FBI]