Why Is Katie Hopkins Attacking Kelly Clarkson?

Katie Hopkins and Kelly Clarkson are still at odds with each other. The British opinionated columnist just cannot keep her mouth shut, and has now continued with why she is so against Clarkson gaining so much weight.

Many of the singer’s fans have stood up for her weight gain, which she said happened during pregnancy. However, Hopkins soon hit back saying that it was just a cute name for “something that’s not very nice.” Last month, the writer and reality TV show star took to Twitter to ask if Kelly had eaten her backing singers after Kelly made one of her first appearances since giving birth to her daughter.

“We give fat really cute names, don’t we? We have baby weight, puppy fat, love handles, muffin top, chunky monkey. Ultimately these are all nice names for something that’s not very nice.”

The Evening Standard reports that Katie went on to say that it was not baby weight, but carrot cake. It is hurtful comments like these that lead to many celebrities trying fad diets to lose the weight quickly.

During her pregnancy, Kelly’s weight gain had been a matter of concern. She had said that she was fed up with the way that she felt, and that she refused to go outside unless she really needed to. Many fans expected Hopkins’ comments about her weight to affect the singer during her marketing activities.

However, Clarkson has taken the higher road. Rather than feel hurt, she took to Twitter to ask who Katie Hopkins was. Kelly has been took focused on promoting her new album to even care about the woman’s comments. Huffington Post reported that she did not even know comments were made about her until Heat magazine told her about them.

This is not the first time that Katie Hopkins has given her opinion without being asked. She is regularly vocal on Twitter, attacking various people. Most recently, she attacked Eastenders actor Danny Dyer when he announced his engagement. Unlike Clarkson, Danny decided to hit back and it did not end so well.

Katie attacked due to Dyer’s girlfriend proposing, saying that it was the wrong way round. However, Dyer hit back saying that he would have paid her a compliment if he could have thought of one. He continued to post photos to attack the opinionated writer.

The mother of two has a habit of attacking others, especially celebrities. One thing is for certain, she never apologizes. In fact, she can often make things worse, which is what she is doing while attacking Kelly Clarkson. Rather than stop at calling her fat, Katie Hopkins went on to say that people supporting the singer are doing it because they like to have a fat friend to feel slimmer.

“You’re supporting Kelly Clarkson because everybody likes to have a fat friend, because the great thing about a fat friend is it makes you feel slimmer.”

[Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]