WWE News: WWE Reportedly Interested In Several Top Independent Wrestlers, WWE NXT To Use Them On New Live Tour

WWE NXT has gone from a simple developmental show that OVW used to be back in the day to a brand that has housed some of the best matches of 2014. This year started off with a bang for them and NXT has yet to have a bad show. Their live shows are said to be “must-see” television, which even WWE’s main roster cannot compete with. WWE NXT has a lot of taped shows outside of their live shows every once in a while. Most taped shows typically don’t do well for WWE as people love the live aspect.

NXT is completely opposite of that because everyone knows the wrestling will be good. WWE has been touring inside the state of Florida for some time, but they just set attendance records in both Jacksonville and Tampa recently. NXT did a show for the first time outside of Florida in Ohio yesterday, which was met with a hot crowd and several great matches. Triple H made the announcement that this show would be taped for the WWE Network, so we will get to see it at some point down the line.

WWE feels that NXT is good enough as a brand to go out similar to the main roster weekly for live events. It seems that WWE realizes this and is considering the option to do that soon… but they need some help with it.

That is why, according to Cageside Seats….WWE is interested in several independent wrestlers right now. Specifically, WWE has their eyes on Ring of Honor, as the company has several great wrestlers that WWE could use. It is said that WWE is interested in bringing many on because they plan to do live event tours across the country, but they need headliners for it.

Adam Cole

It makes a lot of sense at the end of the day, because WWE can use these men and women to help when they tour due to their name value across the country. The only issue with this is that WWE changes names of their talent. Very few get to keep their real name or the one they came into the company with. Even top wrestlers that were well known around the world in KENTA and Prince Devitt had to end up changing their names.

While we know who they are now, there would be an issue with this right off if WWE were to say, hire Mike Bennett and change his name to Chuck Foreman. They can’t expect people to know who Chuck is unless Chuck has appeared on WWE NXT for a while so that people can learn of him. So most would imagine that WWE NXT wouldn’t tour majorly until later this year.

This live branding move is also a good reason why Triple H is interested in Samoa Joe. WWE can use him to help the NXT brand a great deal until WWE has an opening for him on the main roster. WWE NXT eventually will lose guys like Kevin Owens and Finn Balor, who are a big reason for record high ticket sales. So WWE would need to bring in more talent. So the interest in the Independent circuit makes a whole lot of sense. We could very well see some of the top Indy talent in the world on NXT soon, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.

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