Missy Elliott Tour With Sharaya J? Missy’s ‘BANJI’ Mini Me

Since her Super Bowl half-time show performance in February with Katy Perry, Missy Elliott has officially stepped back into the public spotlight with a blast. In the past weeks, headlines have been desperate to release anything associated with her name and this has included remixes of her songs by Diplo, among others. Along those lines, Alyson Stoner has released a video that honors her mentor, Missy Elliott.

Despite all of this, what fans really want is news that she is really back this time — and that she will be performing again with the same gusto she was known for in the past. Although she had a few scant appearances and released a few singles with other celebrities in 2014, it looks like 2015 is going to be Missy Elliott’s time to shine — and clues seem to be piling up that her BANJI mini-me is a part of it all.

On top of bringing her career back in full force, Missy Elliott is also scheduling the performances she promised earlier in the year. For example, the latest news about Missy Elliott is that she is joining Usher for the Essence Festival, according to sources like Billboard.

But what about other Missy Elliott shows in 2015? And is Missy Elliott possibly joining forces with anyone else? On her website, there is no news that Missy Elliott plans on touring soon — despite the Essence Festival announcement. What does seem to be in the news are a lot of connections between Missy Elliott and Sharaya. What is this all about?

In late September 2014, Missy Elliott dropped a hint that things like the Super Bowl half-time show were coming when Sharaya J dropped her single “Takin’ It No More” with Missy Elliott. At the Super Bowl half-time show, Sharaya posted from her Instagram account a picture of her and Missy Elliott backstage.

While the recent article in The Fader about Sharaya being Missy Elliott’s protege is lengthy, this is not the first Sharaya has been called Missy Elliot’s protege. In fact, in mid-2014, FlavorWire had the almost exact same title. New Now Next reports Missy Elliott has as many as seven proteges.

Despite all of this, it is pretty clear that Sharaya is Missy Elliott’s chosen one — and it makes you wonder if Sharaya and Missy Elliott will be more intertwined in the near future. After all, Sharaya met Missy Elliott when she was dancing for Missy’s last real tour in 2010.

Since 2010, Missy Elliott has been working with Sharaya on the idea of BANJI – “Be Authentic, Never Jeopardize Individuality.” It is pretty clear that Missy Elliott is bumping up on BANJI for Sharaya’s benefit — but is it possible that Missy intends to jump in on Sharaya’s BANJI bandwagon? Missy Elliott was noted by Sharaya as inspiration for BANJI, and BANJI obviously embraces Missy’s history and current image.

With the idea of Missy joining up with Sharaya for a BANJI-style tour in mind, after her half-time show, Missy Elliott talked to Sway about Sharaya and said, “… she’s a hard worker. A hard worker. And we’ve just been pushing. Making that people understand the BANJI movement …we’re telling people to be themselves because they are a lot of followers out there.”

So the fact is clear that Missy Elliott is “pushing” the BANJI movement and always seems to have Sharaya at her side — what does it all mean? While speculations can run wild, the truth is that there are no factual hints that Sharaya and Missy Elliott will be performing or touring this year — yet. In the meantime, true fans are hoping for a new Missy Elliott album in 2015 and/or more show dates — with or without Sharaya.

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