list of installs plus desktop developer challenge continues to grow from strength to strength, as we've reported a number of times this week. A lot of this early success, 21 days post launch, is due to the community effort around the open source code base that powers It allows others to run their own, compatible version of, and although the usability behind switching from one install to the next isn't fully there yet (well, at least easily), you can sign up today to any install and follow people on any other installation.

Here's the one thing though: all the desktop apps that are now supporting (with the exception on Spaz),are supporting alone, and not the other installs. Before it's even suggested, I get the ease of use argument. However, considering the only difference between one install of and another is the url to the API (and presuming the API is on the installs), it shouldn't be that hard to allow users to add the URL of their preferred install as an option in the client. It's important that the openness that has helped drive to date be embraced by app developers as well, so that we encourage multiple installs, and by association further community development of the code base.

If you have an application that is offering support, please consider offering support to other installations of, and know that by doing so, you're helping encourage the development of the first true, open source, distributed Twitter client.

On the installation front, here's the latest list of sites currently running I vouch for the reliability of none of them, but if you're interested in trying a different driven site, this is a great starting point.