Grant Schilling, Curt's Son, Unloads On Sister's Twitter Bullies

Grant Schilling, son of pitcher Curt Schilling and brother to Gabby Schilling (father and daughter pictured above), is joining the outrage over tasteless comments that Twitter bullies made to Gabby.

The scandal began when Curt posted congratulations to his daughter for continuing her softball career at college. Twitter being Twitter, the crazies wasted no time in turning a beautiful moment into something heinous.

Curt Schilling responded by tracking down and exposing the individuals, who had, among other things, threatened to rape his 17-year-old daughter with a baseball bat.

Following an overwhelming show of support, Grant Schilling weighed in with a lengthy Facebook post that his dad shared with followers.

Mostly Grant, who is 15-years-old and has been diagnosed with Asperger's (hat tip to Fox News), tried to keep things positive, noting how proud he was to see that "if anyone had the audacity to defend these trolls... there were so many [defending] posts that spoke about how he [Curt] acted as though a father should."

You can read the entire Grant Schilling rebuttal here, but I leave you with some of the high points.

"If I ever saw a post that tried to defend them it was shut down almost IMMEDIATELY by those who clearly had more information and research about the topic rather than the air-headed kid acting like some higher authority and saying how wrong my father reacted. Never really have I seen so MANY people agree with my father and no matter who it was, White, Black, Jewish, Christian, Atheist, Yankee fan, Red Sox fan, 15 year old to 30 year old! I was so amazed with how much unity can amount when everyone realizes what really is important. Keeping family safe and sound when someone thinks they can just have their 'fun.' "
But even though Grant's message was positive, he didn't go lightly on his big sister's Twitter bullies, and like most any brother would, he ended his message with a warning.
"P.S : to those dudes who think that those 'jokes' were funny, have fun without a girlfriend, job and education because the lord knows you've learned more from my father than you have at school you illiterate monkeys. Threaten my sister, brothers, mom or dad and you can be well assured that I don't just know my way around my computer but I'll find a way into yours too.... Love : The Autistic child who still knows how to act acceptably on social media and to other human beings (Unlike yourselves) and who dares you to come near my family with the same courage you had on Twitter and say whatever you want to me because cowards have no place here, or anywhere for that matter."
At least one of the individuals who threatened Gabby Schilling has been suspended from his college and will likely face additional punishment when a disciplinary committee has a chance to review his case.

A second, who was employed part-time for the New York Yankees, was fired.

Do you think Grant Schilling and his family were right to go after these Twitter bullies? Sound off in the comments section.