Gia Giudice Talks Receiving Emails From Mom Teresa Giudice As Report Says 'RHONJ' Star Wants Divorce From Joe Giudice

Teresa Giudice has now served about two months of her prison sentence, which ends in early February, 2016. One thing the Real Housewives of New Jersey star is doing to pass the time is writing emails to her daughters. On Tuesday night, Teresa's oldest daughter, Gia Giudice, revealed how happy she gets when she receives emails from her mom.

In late January, 14-year-old Gia told Access Hollywood that being in constant contact with her mom has helped her cope with the situation.
"We can talk to her on a daily [basis] and we have access to e-mailing her whenever we want. So that's amazing. It definitely helps with like coping with missing her and stuff."
It's likely that Teresa Giudice keeps her emails to Gia Giudice and her other daughters light and happy rather than letting them know what's really going on in prison, in order to not scare them. According to an article in the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star is absolutely miserable in prison. A source told the magazine that Teresa, who has made enemies because of her snobby attitude, has even "told officials that she was afraid for her life."

The source added that Teresa may soon have even more reason to fear for her safety since she's recording everything that's happening in order to release a tell-all book once she gets out, the profits of which she'll use to pay off her debts.

"She's documenting everything for her book. Who's sleeping with whom, who's been caught having sex, even little things like who's arguing over the flatiron. She's in a lot of debt and sees it as her opportunity to make a lot of money when she's released from prison."
The source points out that Teresa's fellow inmates won't be happy to read what she wrote about them.
"That would be the end of her if someone read it and shared it with everyone else. She already has a target on her back. If that diary falls into the wrong hands, it won't be pretty."
What may be even more explosive is the source's claim that Teresa wants out of her marriage with Joe Giudice, whom she has so far steadfastly defended and stood by through all the financial and legal drama.
"She's done. She could even serve him with divorce papers [from] behind bars... She's angry at Joe for doing this to their family, especially when she stood by him. Now she's in prison while he's out there living his life."
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Teresa Giudice has reportedly hired a private detective to follow Joe Giudice around because she doesn't trust that he's staying faithful and taking care of their four daughters properly.

Yet Joe does have one person on his side, at least publicly. In her interview with Access Hollywood, Gia Giudice said that her father was "amazing" and was being "the rock" of the family. In mid-February, Gia also posted a snippet of a loving and teasing text conversation that she had with her dad while she was in school.

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