Parking Lot Fight: Handicapped Spot Fight Lands 71-Year-Old In The Hospital With Broken Leg

Effie Orfanides

A parking lot fight over a handicapped spot landed a 71-year-old woman in the hospital. According to ABC 7, the incident happened in Wisconsin when a woman patiently waiting for a parking spot got it swiped away by another driver. Kezia Perkins, the driver of the car that didn't get the spot, got out of her car and went up to the other woman's window, yelling all kinds of things at her. When the elderly woman got out of her car, things escalated pretty quickly, and Perkins "chest-butted" her, immediately knocking her to the ground.

"This lady chest-butted. From what she told me when I was tending to her, she just had hip surgery done. She couldn't move. It may have come undone," said John Rawlings, who rushed over to help the elderly woman who was on the ground.

The parking lot fight over the handicapped spot sent the elderly woman to the hospital with a broken leg and an injured hip. Meanwhile, police had been called to the scene, and Perkins, 32, told them her side of the story. Police arrested her on an assault and battery charge. As far as the public is aware, Perkins is still in jail. She faces up to six years behind bars for her actions.

According to Perkins' lawyer, this whole thing stemmed from a simple "misunderstanding." It sounds like he's trying to say that his client is the one who was the victim here.

"This was an unfortunate accident that came about after a misunderstanding between two individuals. Ms. Perkins is, herself, disabled, however the fact that her disability is not immediately noticeable led to confusion between the two women. More than anything, this case highlights the need for individuals to be aware of and sensitive to the fact that many people may suffer from disabilities and ailments that are not always readily noticeable. We believe that the facts will come out as this matter progresses and that ultimately Ms. Perkins will be cleared of the charges in this case."

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the elderly woman has also obtained a lawyer, but is seemingly embarrassed by this whole incident. She says she wishes that this "tragedy" would just "go away."

[Photo by Adam Moss via Wikimedia Commons]