What If Wes Anderson Directed The X-Men? Apparently, It Would be Awesome! [Video]

Apparently if you've seen one Wes Anderson movie, you've seen them all. As the director's style is so distinct, you can even look at an X-Men parody and go, "Yes, this is a Wes Anderson film. Or at least, it could be." That seems to be the consensus regarding a rather hilarious take on Wes Anderson's work.

The short video "What if Wes Anderson directed X-Men?" was uploaded to the Patrick (H) Willems channel two days ago, and it's already going viral. If you see the four-minute clip, the reason is hardly surprising.

The parody gives us a less-than-conventional spin on the popular mutant characters, with most of the attention focused on the original comic book X-Men: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Ice Man, and Angel. Wolverine and Storm have background roles in the Anderson-esque trailer, and we only hear Charles Xavier's voice. Even so, the characters are put together in a way that seems to make sense for this type of movie.

If you happen to be a fan of Wes and his directing style, there are a few "standout" moments in the X-Men parody. This includes the use of voice over and text close-ups, characters casually turning to face the camera, characters standing several feet away from the camera, and running. Lots and lots of running.

The dialogue is such that it manages to be awkwardly hilarious and yet intentionally funny at the same time, much like what you'd get in The Grand Budapest Hotel or Moonrise Kingdom.

Should you take the time to visit Patrick (H) Willem's channel, you'll see the "What If Wes Anderson Directed The X-Men?" clip is only the beginning of the fun. Some videos of note include "What if Tommy Wiseau Directed Batman?" and the "Point Break Remake."

If you enjoyed the Wes Anderson X-Men parody video, then you should watch the behind-the-scenes video that was submitted to the channel. It helps fans understand exactly how the clip was put together.

Patrick Willems mentions having to use a specific type of camera (Panasonic GH4) because it was a Wes Anderson-based film, and it's known that he uses slow motion to great effect. Willems also admits that use of yellow jumpsuits was deliberate because it was based on the original outfits worn by the original X-Men. The behind-the-scenes film did a great job of showing how much time, money, and fun went into making this Wes Anderson X-Men parody.

Did you see the "What If Wes Anderson Directed X-Men?" parody? Did you like it, and would you watch a Wes Anderson version of the X-Men?

[Image Credit: Patrick (H) Willems]