WWE News: Triple H Worried About His Match With Sting At WrestleMania -- Says He's Not Sure If It Will Be Good

Triple H -- who is scheduled to have a match with Sting at WrestleMania-- recently sat down with Bleacher Report to talk about his upcoming match, and how he thinks it's going to go. In the interview, Triple H seemed a bit unsure as to how good his match with Sting will be, and he questions just how much that not only Sting, but Triple H himself has left in the tank.

Just like on WWE television, Triple H is ignoring the fact that Sting spent the majority of his post-WCW career in TNA, saying that "Sting hasn't wrestled in God knows how long."

"Listen, it's a lot of pressure. I haven't wrestled since last year. Sting hasn't wrestled in God knows how long. We were talking about how I'm getting up there — he's 10 years older than me."
It's been reported that Sting and Triple H are rehearsing their WrestleMania match at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, and it will likely be Sting's one-and-only WWE match -- which according to Triple H, it's always been a dream of Sting's to be able to perform on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania.
"I know for him, this has kind of been a dream he thought was never going to happen. Both stepping into the WWE ring and going to WrestleMania. I'm glad that we could make it work out for him — and for the WWE Universe."
The last time we saw Triple H in the ring, he looked good. And as previously mentioned, Triple H and Sting have been working out their match, so contrary to what "The Game" says below, he's probably quite sure of what he's got left in the tank.
"I don't know what I've got. I don't know that he knows what he's got. So, we're going to see. I guarantee you this, though — we will leave it all out there. We're going to have 75,000 people giving us a lot of motivation to do it."
Triple H was never the WWE fans' first choice when it came to a WrestleMania opponent for Sting. Most WWE fans wanted, and still want, Sting to face The Undertaker. However, The Undertaker will be turning 50-years-old just days before WrestleMania, and WWE doesn't feel comfortable putting two 50-year-olds in the ring together, no matter how badly the fans want to see it.

When Sting came to WWE, he said he wanted to face someone from his era, which meant he had no interest in facing someone like John Cena, Daniel Bryan or Bray Wyatt. When you think about it, if WWE wasn't going to have Sting face The Undertaker, Triple H was the next best choice, and their match at WrestleMania should be very, very good.

[Image via WWE]