Man Stabs Mom, Cuts Off Own Penis And Tells Police 'I Can See The Vampires'

A man in England was in drug-fueled frenzy when he attacked his mother and cut off his own penis before surrendering himself to police. Believe it or not, self-amputated penis issues seem to be on the rise, as the Inquisitr has reported about several incidents, including a jilted lover that cut off his own member. You can read about that here.

Charles Mann was obviously a troubled young man who had a history of drug use. The 21-year-old from West Sussex was using marijuana, alcohol, and mephedrone, which is called "Meow Meow" on the street in England, when he stabbed his mother fourteen times before Emily Mann managed to run from him and lock herself in a bathroom, where she called police, according to the BBC. She was able to survive despite suffering from a punctured lung from one of the stab wounds, although she spent weeks in the hospital recovering from stab wounds all over her body. When police arrived, a frenzied and hysterical Charles admitted what he had done, although he was completely naked and trying to escape through a window. When subdued by officers, he said that he was a pedophile.

"I have stabbed her multiple times, I have killed her. I have stabbed my mum and I need to be punished for what I have done. I am a pedophile, I do not want to live. Take me to the light, I can see the vampires."
At some point, Charles Mann chopped off his own penis, but it was retrieved by officials and transported with him to the hospital where it was reattached. The success of penis reattachment over the long-term depends on several factors, but it's not uncommon to regain a fully functional penis if it is reattached shortly after it was severed. After his physical injuries were stabilized and healed, Mann was transferred to a psychiatric unit where he was charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm, to which he pleaded guilty at a court hearing on January 19, although the incident happened two years prior. He took responsibility for the attack but admitted he was taking drugs and they were the culprit behind his attack, his attorney said.
"His parents even sent him to work on a kibbutz in Israel but the problems would come when he came home and fell in with the same crowd and began taking drugs again."
Judge David Rennie sentenced Mann to 16 months behind bars and told him that he had already served seven months while awaiting trial, so he could expect to be released on parole on or around April 7. The judge then said of mother Emily Mann that she was to be commended and had shown an "extraordinary degree of loving, understanding and compassion." Mrs. Mann refused to comment as she left the courtroom. Charles Mann will be a free man in approximately one month.

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