‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Director Reconfirms That BioWare Is Currently Working On DLC

After BioWare’s Mark Darrah informally announced last month that the Dragon Age: Inquisition team had begun development of the game’s first DLC pack, no additional details regarding the add-on have since been released. Darrah, who serves as the executive producer for Dragon Age: Inquisition, simply announced to fans via social media that work on the content is now underway, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

After nearly a month with no further details given on the status of the first DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition, fans of the popular role-playing game have been once again reassured that the add-on is still in development. The statement came this time from Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s creative director, Mike Laidlaw, who reconfirmed to fans on his personal Twitter account that BioWare is currently still working on the DLC that Darrah first referenced at the beginning of February.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Fans can now rest assured that BioWare is definitely busy creating the initial DLC pack for Dragon Age: Inquisition, now that two sources at the studio have confirmed that the add-on is in development. However, neither Darrah nor Laidlaw have provided gamers with further details on what the DLC might add, aside from announcing that they are currently working on a add-on for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

It is clear that BioWare simply isn’t ready to begin discussing details regarding the upcoming content. Following this week’s confirmation that DLC development has indeed begun, Mike Laidlaw commented that they weren’t even ready to talk about whether the Dragon Age: Inquisition add-on would focus on the title’s single player or multiplayer mode.

Considering that BioWare has adopted a similar model with the Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer that the developer introduced with Mass Effect 3, however, it seems likely that the DLC will probably expand upon the game’s single player narrative. With Mass Effect 3, all paid add-ons strictly added to the story-driven campaign, while new multiplayer content was released alongside free updates. If the developer continues to use a similar approach for Dragon Age: Inquisition, then fans can assume that the upcoming DLC will focus on adding new single player features as well.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

In addition to working on new DLC content for Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare is also dedicated to releasing new title updates to continue to fix bugs and introduce new free content, as seen in this week’s Patch 5 which added a party storage system to help players keep additional inventory items. After the PC beta was such a big help in testing the most recent patch, BioWare has decided to continue the program to test other upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition patch content.

Would you prefer for the first Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC to add new content to the game’s single player campaign, multiplayer mode, or a combination of the two?

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