Ugly Bat Boy is one ugly Cat

Q: what do you call a really ugly cat. A: In Exeter, New Hampshire, the answer is Ugly Bat Boy.

Ugly Bat Boy is an 8 year old cat who’s bald in most places except for fur on his chest. Old age isn’t to blame either, he was born this way.

Ugly Bat Boy lives at the Exeter Veterinary Hospital in New Hampshire, where he’s become a star in his own right. “People come in and take pictures of him on their cell phones,” an employee told local media. “He’s just great.”

Despite his looks, employees say Ugly Bat Boy has a nice disposition and real inner beauty, but that doesn’t stop locals from being afraid. “The impression from clients that come in is he’s not real because he just sits so still, and when he does move, he scares them, but they think he’s mesmerizing,”