#PrayingforMark: Thousands Rally In Support Of Casting Crowns Lead Singer During Cancer Fight

Casting Crowns lead singer Mark Hall took to Facebook Thursday morning asking fans to take a leap of faith with him. Hall revealed that doctors will be removing his right kidney on Wednesday due to a "solid mass" that physicians are "90 [percent] sure it's cancer."

The Facebook status had been shared by almost 44,000 followers by late afternoon, and Twitter was also abuzz with well wishes and calls for prayer from fans and fellow Christian musicians, including Chris Tomlin and Jeremy Camp.

There is no word yet on how or if the illness will effect with the current Casting Crowns tour. The Casting Crowns website show tour dates beginning mid-April, and Hall has stated that he will "be in recovery for a month or a little longer" due to the surgery.

Mark Hall is a founding member of Casting Crowns, a Christian contemporary band which got its start as a student worship band. Hall is the lead singer and one of Crowns' more prominent songwriters.

Casting Crowns has been nominated for multiple Dove awards and seven Grammys, having won in 2006 for Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album for the album Lifesong.

Mark Hall's childhood struggles with ADD and dyslexia have been well documented as the crux for Hall's strong Christian faith, as the Crowns' singer often discussed how isolated he felt growing up until find a home in his faith community.

While many Christian music fans will be looking to the Casting Crowns singer and how he carries himself in this health crisis, Hall has been sure to admit that despite his faith, he is still human. In an interview many years ago with CBN, Hall discussed his shortcomings.

"I still fall down, and I still make a million mistakes, but what I'm seeing is, it doesn't bother the world that we sin. It bothers the world that we act like we don't. It hurts our fellowship, so I don't have anyone left to impress anymore."
Casting Crowns' Facebook posting from Hall ended with the closing remark "Praising Him In The Storm," undoubtedly in reference not only to the rocky road he faces but to the one of the band's most well known songs, "Praise You in this Storm" -- a ballad describing the reliance on faith to get someone through their most difficult times.

With the outpouring of social media support and pledge for prayers to Hall, it's clear he won't be facing this storm alone.

[Image courtesy of Kevin Winter/Getty Images]