Harrison Ford Dead? Actor Crashes Plane Into Golf Course, Rushed To Venice Hospital

Harrison Ford crashed his 2-seater plane into a golf course in California on Thursday, prompting rumors that he died in the crash. TMZ reports that the actor's condition is serious, but he is alive.

The 2-seater fighter plane the 72-year-old actor was piloting reportedly crashed on the Penmar golf course late on Thursday afternoon. Ford was rushed to a nearby hospital after being treated on the scene by two doctors that were golfing at the time of the crash.
"We're told Ford suffered multiple gashes to his head and was bleeding. Two doctors who happened to be at the golf course rushed over to treat the actor."
NBC reports that the plane crashed a short time after takeoff from the Santa Monica Airport, with aerial footage showing a small plane on the ground and paramedics attending to Ford shortly after the crash.Howard Teba, who was on the golf course at the time of the crash, tells NBC that he thinks the plane hit the top of a tree, causing it to crash on the golf course.
"We saw this beautiful plane. It looks like a plane I see often, leaving from Santa Monica Airport. Must have hit top of tree."
Word of the Harrison Ford plane crash spread quickly on Twitter on Thursday afternoon, with many fans worried for the actor's well-being.It is not known at this time the full extent of the Ford's injuries in the crash as this story is still developing. TMZ reports that Ford is an experience pilot and "has crashed multiple times in the past."

Watch the NBC live stream for the latest coverage of the Harrison Ford plane crash.

[Image: Biography.com]