Dog With Cancer Gets Special Ride For His Bucket List, Thanks To Home Depot Employees [Video]

What do dog lovers want most? For their canine companions to be happy, of course. Ike is a 15-year-old senior mixed-breed dog who loves to go out on the town and be a canine people watcher. You could say that’s part of his bucket list — to be mobile. The problem is he has incurable bone cancer in a rear leg which makes it painful and difficult to get around.

He was given two-to-six months to live. And his owner, Risa Feldman, who adopted him 12 years ago, wants to give him the best life possible. After all, he’s her baby. According to ABC News, Risa said Ike loves to take long walks on Manhattan Beach, California, and she’ll give him a tasty treat of bacon while they sit and people watch, as she sips her coffee.

“He’s so happy to watch everybody. It’s his favorite thing to do. He’ll lay there in the sun.”

Unfortunately, even though canine Ike has a special wheel cart that lifts up his back legs and assists with his mobility, while he pulls the cart with his front legs, Ike tires easily when using it. So Risa asked a Home Depot employee, Ernesto Moran, to help modify the cart. Moran said he’d think about it and would get back to her. She never expected anyone to go to the lengths that were taken.

Moran later contacted Feldman after coming up with a solution with a coworker, Justin Wadman, according to Good Morning America. They made a custom ride for Ike, who will ride in style in a specially designed wagon that’s custom fit for his size and that has a ramp, so that he can easily enter it. It even has an inviting cushion so that Ike is comfortable in his travels. The wagon is being modified and will be ready in a few days for him to take in the sights wherever he goes.

You can see a video of Ike’s new transport and his heros at the following link:

Risa said that she can’t wait to see how happy Ike will be in his new transport, nicknamed “Ike’s Trike.” She told ABC News that when Ike is happy, “it’s almost like a smile. His face, it lights up.”

Ike the Dog in New Cart

Feldman told her story to KABC, according to ABC News, for the following reason.

“I just wanted people to know that there are still people out there who do good things, really.”

Another dog in a recent Inquisitr article took another type of spin: he went sledding with his 90-year-old human. Smitty the dog went sledding with Claude Bratcher, a 90-year-old World War II veteran, on a hill near the family home in Meigs County, Tennessee.

Quite a different ride than Ike will take, though it seems that Ike will enjoy his people watching while cruising along. Ike should be making the rounds in the next few days, and I hope that he smiles to show how happy he is with his new wheels.

[Photos Courtesy ABC News, Video Courtesy ABC Channel 7]