Bob Barker And Adam Sandler Still Fighting Even After 19 Years Since 'Happy Gilmore' [Video]

Even though it has been 19 years since Bob Barker and Adam Sandler threw their respective famous first punches in the 1996 movie Happy Gilmore, the unlikely rivals are still at their combative ways. Perhaps the only thing that has really changed about the dueling pair of TV/movie icons is the increased level of hatred between the two. See the Comedy Central video below as evidence of such. (WARNING: The uncensored level of hate present in this video does lead to uncensored language.)


In case it's not immediately obvious from the above video, it is worth noting that the likelihood of Adam Sandler and Bob Barker actually hating each other is relatively slim. In all actuality, the two stars relived their gladiatorial days in an effort to raise funding for the benefit of those diagnosed with autism. Night of Too Many Stars is a charity event hosted each year by the American TV network Comedy Central. On its website, Comedy Central has this to say about Night of Too Many Stars.

"Since 2006, Night of Too Many Stars has raised over $18 million, giving children and adults with autism the opportunities they deserve to learn, contribute and live the fullest lives possible. While many great organizations focus primarily on autism research, Night of Too Many Stars and New York Collaborates for Autism raise funds to support autism schools, programs and services."
Bob Barker and Adam Sandler were not the only celebrities who proved willing to donate their time for the production of the Comedy Central special. (If that were not the case, the appropriateness of the name Night of Too Many Stars might rightfully be called into question.)

Comedy Central Autisim
More Celebrities Attending 'Night of Too Many Stars'

Unsurprisingly, celebrities are often willing to offer their services for what they understand to be a good cause. Currently, it is estimated that there are 2 million Americans who are affected by autism in one form or another. Also, according to the foundation Autism Speaks, the world has seen a 10-fold increase in the diagnosis of autism over the past 40 years.

It is worth noting that the sight of the long time TV host, Bob Barker, and renowned funny man, Adam Sandler, beating each other senseless is at the uppermost pinnacle of heavenly blessings. It is also worth noting that Bob Barker and Adam Sandler are not beating each other up for the American public's mere enjoyment -- Barker and Sandler are beating each other up for autism.

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