Hearst to charge for online content. I hope all newspapers do the same

The Hearst Corporation has announced that it will start charging for some content on its newspaper sites, following a lead set by Cablevision earlier this week who announced a similar move for Newsday.

The amount to be charged by Hearst for the content, and what content will be hidden behind the paywall was not specified.

Hearst publishes the Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, Albany Times Union, and has interests in an additional 43 daily and 72 non-daily newspapers. The company also owns television assets, and publishes 200 magazines including Cosmopolitan and O, The Oprah Magazine.

Why stop at only part of the content though? I hope they make all of their content paid only, and I hope all other newspapers follow the lead.


Why? because it will drive their readers to other sites, including blogs, and that’s good for business if you’re in the web publishing business.

It might also once and for all prove that the blogosphere doesn’t need newspapers as a primary source of news, one of the myths constantly spread by mainstream media haters.

Bring it on. Take your content away newspapers. Make my day, and I’ll help you dig the hole you’ll been buried in sooner rather than later.