Man Body Lawyer's Office: Neighbor Drives Dead Body To Attorney, Feared For Life

What does a man, body and lawyer's office have in common? So, a man kills his neighbor in an alleged dispute and drives the corpse to his attorney's office. This odd news story took place Wednesday in a Florida community. John Marshall claims he shot and killed Theodore Hubbell in self-defense and drove the dead body to his lawyer's firm from Bokeelia to Fort Myers. At this time of the investigation, no arrests have been made, according to News-Press.

Marshall, 52, arrived to the law firm of Robert P. Harris located near Edison & Ford Winter Estates, a popular tourist trap. The shooter walked into the office and notified the attorney that he drove to his office with Hubbell's corpse, which was located in the bed of his pickup truck parked outside. Marshall claims he contacted his wife first, but couldn't reach her. Then, he made the decision to drive the dead body to his lawyer's location because he couldn't trust anyone else -- not even the police.

Police in Lee County say the shooting likely took place in the 6400 block of Hodges Drive where the victim, 65, and shooter live directly across from one another. Apparently, the two engaged in a physical struggle over property work done, and at some point a gun was produced, allegedly by the dead man. Marshall managed to wrestle the weapon away from the man before firing a fatal shot into his body. He then drove the dead body miles away to the office of his attorney.

Marshall was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of non life-threatening injuries: two broken thumbs, a swollen lip and missing/chipped teeth, according to a statement made by his attorney, who says the injured man remembers little about the shooting and drive to his office with the corpse in his pickup truck.

"I believe he's in shock — probably now still. He's still breathing heavy. He's looking like a man who lost the world."
Harris said his client called him days earlier about his neighbor's behavior. Marshall said he feared for his life, but the details are not known at this time. Accordingly, his lawyer advised him to file for a restraining order to help minimize the threat.

Marshall is currently awaiting the status on charges he faces for an alleged unrelated assault case. Attorney Harris says although his client drove a man's dead body to his office, he believes it's a clear case of self-defense. On why a man would drive a corpse to an attorney's place of business is anyone's guess. Harris put the incident in perspective.

"They don't teach you about this in law school. That's for sure. I believe we've handled ourselves correctly, but I'm a little in shock myself. This is not something that happens every day."
[Photo by Screenshot via Daily Mail]