Fernando Alonso's Career In Doubt? Formula One Driver 'Woke Up In 1995,' Forgot 20 Years Of His Life After 150 Mph Crash

Fernando Alonso's career has been thrown into doubt after details regarding his concussion last week emerged.

The Spanish driver, who joined McLaren this summer from Ferrari, suffered a heavy crash at Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya during testing ahead of the 2015 Formula One season.

The two-time world champion lost control of his car and smashed into a wall at around 150 miles-per-hour in Spain. He was then airlifted to a hospital, where it emerged he had suffered a concussion.

However, this is where details surrounding his condition started to get a bit murkier. After the crash took place, it was reported that Alonso was "OK and conscious," and he was simply spending a night in the hospital as a precaution.

But then he spent a further two nights in the hospital, and when it was announced that Alonso would be missing the first race of the season, further speculation started to swirl about his condition.

Now Le Pais newspaper, via Sky News, have now reported that when Fernando Alonso was asked who he was and what he remembered about his accident, he responded by stating that it was 1995 and he wanted to become a Formula 1 driver.

His full response was, "I'm Fernando, I'm in karts and want to become a Formula 1 driver."

Alonso then admitted that he had no recollection of his crash in Barcelona.

Alonso had clearly forgotten that he started his career in Formula 1 with Minardi back in 2001, which he then followed up by becoming the youngest ever F1 champion with Benetton in 2005. He then followed this up with another world championship in 2006.

After this accusation was made, fears started to grow that Alonso's entire career could actually be in jeopardy. Mirror Sport reported that doctors and investigators haven't ruled out the possibility that Alonso might have "blacked out" before the collision.

Alonso was unconscious when stewards and doctors arrived at the scene of the crash, which was deemed rather peculiar. An eyewitness has insisted that Alonso simply drove off the track rather than losing control. Meanwhile, both car and engine failure have been ruled out too.

The Mirror's sources have explained that by the end of the day of the crash, Alonso believed that he still drove for Ferrari, while he now remembers everything except for the incident. This insider then added "that he may never return."

Alonso will definitely miss the Australian Grand Prix on March 15. It's still unknow if Kevin Magnussen will replace the Spaniard in the Malaysian race two weeks later too.

[Image via Urgente 24]