WWE News: WWE Chairman Vince McMahon Reportedly Down On Himself, Losing All Confidence

WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon doesn’t seem to be in a good place right now. A lot of issues are going on for WWE both in the form of lawsuits as well as their televised shows. On top of that, expiring contracts with top stars are also a problem. Specifically, current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar might be leaving soon as he only has a few more appearances left before his deal is up.

As we know by now, Lesnar walked out of WWE RAW over a week ago and has not been back since. He even made a rare suit-and-tie appearance at the latest UFC event last weekend. Vince still feels that he can get Lesnar to re-sign, but both sides are at a stand-still currently. There is no telling where it could go. This has led to reports from the back saying Vince is down on himself.

According to Daily Wrestling News, the number one priority for Vince McMahon outside of WrestleMania 31 is getting Lesnar to re-sign. Due to the hatred we are seeing for Mania right now for the main event, WWE is not sure how things will go with a mostly “smart” crowd at Mania. It is said that Vince is losing confidence in himself because of this, among other things. It is said that this started for McMahon mostly after the Lesnar blow-up, so the depression of sorts could be due to his issue with Brock.

WWE doesn’t need Lesnar after WrestleMania, but for now there is a big need for him. Vince may not be successful in getting Lesnar to re-sign, but whatever got them into a yelling match back and forth clearly caused some tension between the two. It’s unclear what either party said to the other, but many felt that it was so heated that Vince could have gotten hurt. People feared for him during the confrontation.

Most feel that Lesnar did right by walking away, but it was certainly not good that he skipped a date he was advertised and present for. It is said that many in WWE are confident that Lesnar will be back for the WrestleMania build-up as well a WrestleMania main event match. Vince McMahon has reportedly told creative that no back-up plan is needed, but most expect creative to have something ready if the time comes to use it. WWE is known for being prepared in certain instances, so they’ll do what they have to do if and when a problem presents itself.

Seth Rollins is said to be the most obvious Plan B for WWE, but he cannot cash-in on a Lesnar that doesn’t show up. There is an idea in place if Lesnar no-shows WrestleMania, however most feel he wouldn’t no-show the event. Not only would that be an extreme breach of contract that could end up killing him lawsuit-wise, but the pay for Mania is said to be so high that Lesnar wouldn’t turn it down out of some sort of spite.

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