Maci Peterson’s Text App Keeps Your Drunken Sex Messages Sober

Maci Peterson’s “take back text messages” app is helping to save people from stupid, regretful sex texts. Ever been like, “on second thought,” but was too late?

Of course, if you’re reading this, you’ve possibly been in an unfavorable text situation or two. Possibly, maybe as a technological saving grace, Maci received a few unwanted messages herself and was tired of the misconstrued sexts. Not to say that was the motivation behind her app, but it’s certainly a possibility.

Peterson knows, all too well, that people can send messages by mistake. It’s recorded that her actual motivation came when she mistakenly sent someone a sext, courtesy of “Autocorrect.” And if you know anything about texting, you know that feature can either be your best friend or your worst enemy.

According to Triangle Business Journal, it states as follows.

“The origin of the app was, of course, a text gone wrong. Peterson was heading out to a first date with ‘a really strong Christian’ and texted ‘are you in DC or MD?’ Autocorrect took hold, and corrected MD to ‘me,’ so that it read ‘in me.’

“‘That’s not what I wanted to say, especially not before our first date,’ Peterson joked. ‘He replied ‘I’m at my grandmother’s, I’ll see you in D.C’.'”

Knowing this, Maci’s text app — On Second Thought — helps to save your relationships and friendships by giving you a little extra time to rethink your text decisions before actually sending them. Noted by the same article, Peterson’s text app has some interesting features and functions, all of which could help even the most destructive soul remain virtuous.

“The app, called On Second Thought, has two main features:

(1) A recall function that gives the user up to 60 seconds to reclaim a text before it’s sent.

(2) A ‘curfew’ setting which holds all text messages until a designated time. Say you’re out late one night, don’t trust the condition you’re in and might want to review your text queue the following morning. That’s the idea.”

Brilliant as it is, Maci’s text app is what’s needed in this generation. So many act in the “now” before realizing the future consequences of their actions. Fortunately, this brings a glimmer of hope to people and the relationships which have been scorched from such unthoughtful texts. If used right, there would be no more “I wish I could take back those text messages” situations.

Maci Peterson is known as one of the “women in technology” and has spoken at various conferences about her endeavors, as well as her dreams and goals for future project. As from a recent tweet from Maci’s Twitter page, you can see that she finished a conference just days ago.

So, amid Peterson’s busy life, her new text app shows promise. Hopefully, it will save many friendships and relationships from the depths of mistaken corrections and intoxicated sex texts — as well as unwanted, sober sex messages.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on Maci Peterson’s text app? Do you need it? Do you want it? Do you know people who need it? Share your thoughts.

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