Jackie Gillies From 'RHOM' Slams Lisa Rinna: Jackie Wants To Be On ‘RHOBH’

The Real Housewives of Melbourne star Jackie Gillies may be an entertaining person in Melbourne, but she is watching the Beverly Hills housewives back in the States and she is not always liking what she sees. Of course, Gillies is often sharing her opinions and she wants to spread the positivity with others, often telling people to "shine, shine, shine."

In addition, Jackie Gillies is a psychic who can feel and sense things before they happen. Even though many people have questioned her abilities, there is one thing that fans are happy about. In Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville is the only person who is really defending Kim Richards against accusations that she had relapsed. Now, Gillies is offering her opinion, and she doesn't have nice things to say about Lisa Rinna.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, The Real Housewives of Melbourne star Jackie Gillies is now revealing that she doesn't think Lisa Rinna is handling the situations correctly. Of course, Jackie believes that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently pretty stale and could use some fresh meat. Jackie Gillies believes that she could offer something new to the show, especially because she would probably confront Rinna.

"I think that was a really low blow because she's obviously trying to work on her sobriety and to have someone come in who doesn't know you and try and round up all the other Housewives to have an intervention, I think that was really unfair. I think if you're going to give it, you've got to be able to take it because I think she just had enough," Jackie Gillies said about Lisa Rinna, adding, "You can see Kim's really trying hard to be really good and stay on the straight and narrow. When someone doesn't know anything about you and putting it out on national TV, that'd be hard."

It is very possible that Gillies would offer up an opinion that has yet to be shared by Brandi Glanville and the other ladies. And Jackie's presence on The Real Housewives of Melbourne could be the reason behind the show's success. Apparently, Gillies' physic abilities did reveal that the show would be a success.

According to the Inquisitr, The Real Housewives of Melbourne will air on Bravo this spring. Fans will be able to determine if Jackie is indeed a good fit for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

What do you think about Jackie Gilles' comments about Lisa Rinna?

[Image via Bravo]