Jodi Arias Could Be Paroled In 25 Years

Jodi Arias will not be facing the death penalty. Arias was convicted of first-degree murder for brutally killing 30-year-old Travis Alexander in 2008.

An Arizona jury could not unanimously agree on giving Arias the death sentence. Eleven people out of 12 jurors agreed on giving Arias a death sentence; however, one juror felt strong enough not to sentence the convicted murderer to death.

On Thursday, NBC News reported a statement made in court by judge Sherry Stephens declaring a mistrial.

“In my assessment, we are hung, and additional time will not change this.”

Stephens will sentence Arias to life in prison in an upcoming hearing scheduled for April 13. However, Stephens has to make the decision whether to sentence Arias to natural life or for life with the possibility of being paroled after serving 25 years.

Jodi Arias will serve her sentence for the heinous and brutal murder of her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in Perryville Prison’s death row in Goodyear, Arizona. If Arias receives a life sentence, she faces maximum security and solitary confinement. Based on good behavior, she can also work her way back into the public arena.

The convicted murderer will live in a 12-foot-by-seven-foot concrete cell, with a bed, mattress, toilet, and sink, according to KTAR News. The murderess will have no contact with other inmates. She will be able to make up to two 10-minute phone calls three times a week.

Arias will have privileges that include leaving her cell to take showers and to exercise outdoors. She will also be allowed to exercise in a secured area for two hours, three times a week.

Jodi Arias will not be allowed any contact visits, and any visits will be limited. Jodi will not be allowed to visit the Perryville chapel; any praying will have to be done in her cell.

Arias is entitled to as much legal reading material she wants; however, every two weeks she can borrow two books.

In June 2008, Jodi Arias brutally murdered Travis Alexander in his Mesa, Arizona condominium. She stabbed him 30 times, shot him in the head, and cut his throat ear-to-ear. Travis was found in his bathroom shower. His friends found Travis’ body five days after the murder.

Jodi Arias will not face any more trials unless an injustice or tampering is found. She may be released after serving her sentence for 25 years. It’s up to judge Stephens to decide the killer’s outcome.

As of today, Jodi Arias has become the most hated woman in America.

[Featured image courtesy of Cheryl Evans/Arizona Republic]