Size 22 Model: Sea By Monif C Chooses Tess Holliday As Bathing Suit Model, Controversy Ensues

Size 22 model Sea Monif C

A size 22 model is in Sea by Monif C swimwear, and she’s making headline news. According to Mail Online, Tess Holliday, 29, was chosen to represent the swimsuit line, which is proud to tailor to women over size 14. In the past, Monif C has used plus sized models to represent their brand, but this season they wanted to be inclusive of women who wear an even bigger size.

“We’ve always featured size 14 plus models, but, we thought, ‘How do we make this more compelling for our customer?’ The feedback we were getting was, ‘We love that you show women in size 14 and 18 but what about the 22s and 24s?'” explained Monif C creator, Monif Clarke.

The size 22 model for Sea by Monif C not only enjoyed doing the gig, but she also loves Monif C’s line and what it represents.

“When I’m buying a swimsuit the thing that is most important to me is how I feel in it, if I feel good. It’s great to buy something that may look cute but I want to buy something that makes me feel sexy and I want to feel confident when I’m going out and I want people to stare so you know I want good support, I want fun prints,” said Tess Holliday.

The swimsuit pictures above have gone viral on the web over the past 24 hours but have caused quite a bit of controversy. While a lot of people are praising Monif Clarke for making a swimsuit that fits women who are bigger than a size 14, others think that the overweight models are putting on a front. Some people don’t think that these overweight women are truly happy and that they shouldn’t “pretend” to be.

According to the Huffington Post, Tess doesn’t seem too concerned with the negative chatter surrounding her pics. In fact, she posted one with a caption that read she and the other plus sized ladies “broke the internet” a la Kim Kardashian.

The size 22 model wearing Sea by Monif C says that she feels good about herself and that she feels good about the swimwear.

Back in January, the Inquisitr reported that Tess Holliday signed a modeling contract. Her motto? #EffYourBeautyStandards.

[Photo courtesy of Tess Holliday/Instagram]