WWE News: Big News And Backstage Speculation For WWE NXT Stars Finn Balor And Kevin Owens

WWE NXT has become quite popular, so much so that tickets for their road events are selling like hotcakes because wrestling fans know that shows will be amazing. NXT has proven to be a very valuable addition to WWE and one of the important reasons to have the WWE Network. The interesting part of it all is that the shows are only improving and the talent is WWE's developmental roster...not even it's main one.

The future of WWE looks bright, but for at least two men...the future for them could be brighter than most. Finn Balor and new WWE NXT Champion Kevin Owens have been doing quite well since their arrival in WWE last year. Balor has shown that he can perform as well as anyone in WWE right now, main roster and developmental. Owens has proven he can work matches with power and skill and still has stuff left in the tank to spare that we haven't gotten to see yet.

Fans for Balor and Owens have not only grown but their fans from before they came to WWE have followed. It is said that Owens has been doing very well in merchandise because of this.

Owens and Balor started working NXT live events a little while back and The Wrestling Observer reports that since then, ticket sales have increased. NXT recently broke their own attendance records in both Jacksonville and Tampa.

This has led to WWE considering that both men could work main roster live events which has happened a bit. Both were present at live events in Florida to sign autographs but didn't wrestle. There is a thought that since NXT is doing well because of them, WWE might add Owens and Balor and a few others to live events in order to help the live event ticket sales.

Due to the love of NXT, fans would come knowing some stars would be there potentially wrestling main roster stars.

Another interesting note is that both men are speculated to hit the main roster sooner rather than later. It is said that Balor could very well appear on the WWE RAW after WrestleMania 31 later this month. Owens is speculated to hold the NXT Championship for a while and upon dropping it, he'd also hit the main roster. Other names such as Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville may very well be coming up soon as well.

However, due to the fan popularity of live events, merchandise, etc....Kevin Owens and Finn Balor are the two golden boys that WWE would want to bring up first if possible. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon judges based on these things when bringing up a talent, so there is some speculation the two could be seen soon. Triple H may not want them to come up as quickly as Vince, but that is not his call at the end of the day.

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