Mom Makes Boy Jump At Gunpoint: 'Distraught' Mother, Boy Leap From Second-Story Window

What would prompt a Florida mom to make her boy jump out of a window at gunpoint? Police in Pinellas County were on the scene Thursday morning when a "distraught" mother -- possibly suicidal -- forced her 7-year-old child to leap out of a second-story window of their home before jumping on top of him, according to a USA Today news report.

St. Petersburg police officers received a 911 call from a woman who identified herself as 32-year-old Michelle Vail. She complained of someone, possibly a lover, being at her front door and making threats to kill her. Police arrived a short time later, but the woman didn't open the door over her fears that she didn't think they were real cops. Meanwhile, officers did not see any person lurking around the home.

Just before they were about to depart the residence, police heard frantic screams from inside, which gave them authority to force their way into the home. At about the same time, officers heard the sound of glass breaking and more screams.

Their attention then turned to a child on the ground outside the residence. Apparently, the mom made the boy jump. Armed with a shotgun, she then leaped out of the same window and landed on top of her son. They both were raced to a local hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Police spoke with the mom during their investigation and learned that she was "distraught" about a personal matter. It's unknown if she was under the influence of medication or some other substance at the time she made the boy jump out the window. However, investigators learned the child was compelled to leap out of the second-story window because he was forced at gunpoint. His mom said a serial killer was at the home and they needed to escape immediately.

A search of the home produced a large knife, shotgun, and handgun. Not much is known about Vail except she has never had any contact with local law enforcement. The boy and mom recently moved from Ormond Beach in Florida.

Pinellas County Sheriff's Office CPI Division (Child Protection) is investigating the incident. Part of the probe involves what made the woman force the boy to jump from the window at gunpoint. Other blanks in the case involve her mental history and whether there is a person romantically involved with the woman who could shed light on the case.

[Photo credit: WUSA9]