Ohio Mom Tortured Children Until They Were ‘Almost Feral’

An Ohio mom was convicted of sexually assaulting and torturing her children until they were “almost feral.” The 32-year-old Scioto County woman pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of rape and was sentenced to 10 years to life in prison. The Ohio mom’s boyfriend, Juan Carlos Sanchez, a native of the Virgin Islands, also pleaded guilty to rape and child endangerment charges and was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

Bobbi Sue Pack, the Ohio mom, caught the attention of police after her daughter, 11, emailed a teacher working for the Ohio Virtual Academy the child attended and asked the educator to call 911. Both the 11-year-old girl and her 9-year-old sister told Scioto County law enforcement officers that they had been sexually assaulted.

Two other children, one the biological offspring of the Ohio mom’s boyfriend, also lived in the home. The boyfriend’s children, a 2-year-old girl and an 8-year-old boy, were also questioned by Portsmouth area police officers.

ohio mom child abuse
Ohio mom Bobbi Sue Pack convicted or sexually assaulting and torturing her children.

The Scioto County mother and her boyfriend entered guilty pleas on Wednesday. The case was settled about one year after the 11-year-old girl begged for help. The girl told investigators that she and her sisters and brother were routinely starved, chained to their beds, and sexually assaulted.

sexual assault
Juan Carlos Sanchez, is the boyfriend of the Ohio mom convicted of torturing her children until they were "almost feral."

The three older children told the police that they were tied naked to their beds with ropes and chains for weeks at a time. They youngsters also said that their naked bodies were beaten with paddles and belts, and food was withheld from them as well. The horrific case of child abuse has reminded many in the law enforcement community of the Lauran Kavanaugh case in Texas. Police investigators have called the Scioto County case “one of the worst” incidents of child abuse they have ever seen.

scioto county ohio
Edwina Louis is the grandmother of Ohio children tortured and sexually assaulted in Scioto County. Louis was also arrested in the case.

Edwina Louis, a grandmother to the children who were raped, starved, and tortured until they were “almost feral,” has also been charged in the child abuse and sexual assault cases. The 53-year-old woman is scheduled to go on trial next week after rejecting plea offers, according to the Portsmouth Daily Times.

While being interviewed by the police, the tortured children reportedly said that they had been sexually assaulted multiple times. The Ohio children also possessed scars and marks that corresponded with the child abuse claims. After they were rescued, the children were taken to Mayerson Center in Cincinnati and were then treated at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus.

Assistant Scioto County Prosecutor Pat Apel looked over at Ohio mom Bobbi Sue Pack and said, “They tied these children up and refused to feed them and when they found out they could get out of the ropes, they changed to chains – dog chains and chained them to the bed. In 2014 it was discovered that Sanchez was literally raping both daughters.”

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