Chris Soules Drops Shocker About Kelsey Poe Post 'Bachelor' Special

Bachelor star Chris Soules may have proposed to his final lady, who has moved closer to Arlington, Iowa, but there were many loose ends after the Women Tell All special. Not only was Britt Nilsson's portrayal on the show questioned after she claimed she was a victim, but Kelsey Poe also had to relive the emotional experience of losing her husband.

Even though many of the ladies really didn't like Poe's motives and behavior on the show, Chris Soules is still not questioning her. While the women felt that Kelsey used the story of her deceased husband to get more time with Soules, Chris didn't see it that way at all.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Bachelor star Chris Soules is now dishing his thoughts about Kelsey, and it is very surprising that he is keeping a positive tone with her, given she didn't say nice things about him after wrapping up the Women Tell All special.

"As I've said before, I don't think Kelsey is a bad person," Chris Soules has revealed after watching the Women Tell All special, adding, "Did she use her story to maneuver herself a little here and there? Yeah, probably. But she's also been through so much that I don't think I can possibly understand how I would respond in her situation."

Of course, she has gone through an emotional time after losing her husband, Sanderson Poe. However, it was how she handled the entire situation that didn't sit well with Soules' other contestants. After filming her final scene for the show, Poe did an interview with People, where she slammed Chris Soules one more time.

"He's not as articulate," Kelsey Poe said, according to the Inquisitr, adding, "If you saw that Jimmy Kimmel episode with the chalkboard, that annoyed me — a lot. It's hard to develop a relationship, and I'm a very intellectual person and I like to bond by talking, and so it was difficult to have that all the time."

As for Chris Soules, he still thinks that her story is heartbreaking. And even though Chris may not have had the right words while filming a scene for The Bachelor, he does have some sweet words for Poe. Hopefully, she has a heart and will accept his sweet words.

"Hearing her say that she feels like she is grieving all over again is heartbreaking," Soules said of Kelsey, adding, "I guess I just choose to give her the benefit of the doubt, no matter what anyone says."

These were Soules' final words for Kelsey. Now, Chris is focusing on building his future with his potential wife. In addition, he will be competing on Dancing with the Stars.

What do you think about Chris Soules' words about Poe?

[Image via ABC]